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Tips for selecting a free online whiteboard

As per a study, 65% of people are visual learners, so how can you communicate with them?? Through visual aids!

With over half of the population being visual learners, a free online whiteboard is a wonderful option for people. It serves as a vital tool for brainstorming, teaching, learning, training and planning. Whiteboards are a proven method for live collaborations. It is also an excellent option to interact and connect with distant workers and work-from-home teams.

The conventional whiteboards served as an amazing tool during meetings, but with teams spreading all over the world, you need better solutions.

Online digital real-time collaboration

With the rise in telecommunication, easing teamwork is essential, and the capability to enhance real-time collaboration is a big win-win for major decision-makers. The whiteboard has changed the way the workforce works. The real-time collaboration tool has shifted from offline to online. So, whatever you did on the physical whiteboard can now be done in the virtual space.

A free online whiteboard provides you with the luxuries that traditional ones don’t:

  • A limitless canvas
  • Ability to start and stop work anywhere and anytime
  • Better leaning
  • Higher engagement
  • Accessible for several devices

They offer several options, such as including audio, pictures, videos and text to make presentations better, more appealing and collaborative. 

Here are some features to consider when choosing a free online whiteboard:


Conventional whiteboard meetings comprised of limited people sharing data verbally. The situation led to poor collaboration, lost creativity and missed opportunities.

A free online whiteboard gives you the luxury to collaborate in real-time. Rather than being a mere recipient, it gives everyone a chance to participate in the discussion and make your sessions more engaging and productive.


With teams scattered worldwide, people are likely to access meetings using their phones, desktop or laptop. A free whiteboard gives you the luxury to access it from anywhere on any device. You can explore work on different devices and platforms from anywhere.


Whiteboard meetings are informal, but now the approach has changed. Unlike conventional whiteboards, free online whiteboards offer unlimited space and time. You can handle problems in a more step-by-step format. 

You can share your ideas, edit them after meeting and re-share with your team again. The ease of working on a digital platform helps you get amazing benefits from the traditional and digital world.


Most people want to customize their software programs. A free online whiteboard offers you customization options. Find out more about your visual learners and customize your whiteboard accordingly.


A free online whiteboard can be integrated with other tools such as video conferencing or screen sharing to enhance the experience. It adds to the flexibility and gives you better options to run organized and productive online meetings.

So, free online whiteboards have replaced conventional whiteboards completely. Real-time collaboration with distant teams enhanced productivity and engagement. Regardless of the online whiteboard you choose, always consider the above-given points before getting one to offer your visual learners a better experience.


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