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Things you need to know before hiring Welsh Slate Services Buckinghamshire


Installation of slates onto the roofing of your house is an important process. The longevity of your roof depends on the selection of your slates. If you have a well-built house then you can definitely get welsh slates fitted in it. This is because welsh slates are naturally strong and these are the finest quality of roofing slates. They cannot be damaged easily hence the roof of your house will last you a long time. welsh slate services in Buckinghamshire offer their services in installing welsh slates onto the roof of your house. Many people like to get the welsh slate installed in comparison to other states. This is because welsh slates are a better option when compared.


Elegant Looking House:

Welsh Slates bring beauty and elegance to your house. The heather blue and blue/grey color of the Welsh slate looks very attractive when installed onto the roof of a house. You can not only use these slates on the roof of your house but you can also get them installed on the roof of your office. It gives a professional and sophisticated appearance.

Proper installation of Welsh Slate:

They need to be properly installed. Although, their installation takes time it is a necessary process to keep your welsh slates durable for a long period of time. Also in order to enjoy the proper security of your welsh slates, it is necessary for you to install them properly and take good care of them. Taking good care of these tiles can make them last for about 70-100 years.

Cost-effective Services:

Welsh slate services Buckinghamshire try their best to meet the needs of their clients. They come in different thicknesses: 5.5mm, 7.0mm, and 9.0 mm. You can select from these according to your necessity. Different thicknesses have different material costs and installation costs. However, mostly the labor of these services is a bit expensive. Because welsh slates are heavy and you need a slate roofing expert for completing the installation.

Welsh Slate Services by a professional:

Welsh slates services are only provided by few companies in London. However, you can get your welsh slate services from Three Counties builders ltd. In order to get a professional roofing slate, you need to hire a professional. Professionals will come fully equipped with their tools and high-quality Welsh slates. welsh slate services Buckinghamshire will provide you with a vast number of benefits. Once, the Welsh slate has been installed into your roof, your roof will be completely waterproof and your house will be protected from normal to extreme weather conditions. Welsh slate is highly resistant to acids and hazardous chemicals. Its color will not fade even in extreme UV light.

Maintenance of Welsh Slate:

You do not have to worry about moss growth on your roof since the material of it is made up of natural minerals. Plus there would be little risk of algae or mold accumulation. If you don’t have time for maintaining your roof. Then getting a welsh slate installed would be a good option for you. Luckily, because it also requires less maintenance.

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