Ever had to ask, is there a virus on my phone?

A virus can easily ruin your experience. It’ll expose sensitive information, break your device, or at the very least render it difficult to use. Nobody wants to go through having viruses infect their phones because it might force them to purchase a new one.

So, how do you tell if your phone has a virus? Read our guide right here to learn some of the most obvious telltale signs you should look out for:

Duplicate Files

Can phones get viruses? They can and one of the most common signs your phone has a virus is when the storage starts filling up for no reason. If you know that you didn’t download anything with large file sizes, your phone likely has a virus.

The first step is to look for duplicate files. If you try to delete them but your phone responds with an error message or if the duplicate file won’t disappear, the device has a virus.

Random Pop-Ups

A common sign of phone viruses is when random pop-up ads appear while you’re using your device. You could be browsing on Facebook or playing a game when an ad suddenly disrupts your activity.

That’s a phone virus. It’s attempting to consume the free storage and processing power of your phone.

Pop-ups are among the biggest concerns because some people might think these are legitimate ads. This fools people into sharing important data such as their credit card information.

Unfamiliar Apps

Do you see an app you didn’t install or download? There’s a high possibility that it’s a symptom of a phone virus. Run a phone virus scan to make sure those apps aren’t infecting your device.

Android phones are more susceptible to this since you can bypass the security options and install APK files yourself. The iPhone is a closed device, meaning you have to jailbreak it first before you can download and install things not available on Apple’s official stores.

Battery Drain

How long does the battery on your phone last? Get online and then look for bench tests for your phone’s model. Check for the phone’s average battery lifespan under regular use.

If your phone’s battery drains much faster than that, it means there’s a virus consuming the energy. This could render your device useless, especially if it kills the battery in under an hour.

Random Restarts

Your phone shouldn’t randomly shut down or restart, especially if the battery hasn’t drained yet. If it does, there’s likely a virus screwing your phone’s settings. You’ll have to clean it out before it shuts your phone off permanently.

Is There a Virus On My Phone?

So, is there a virus on my phone?

Check if it restarts randomly, if your battery or storage drains out, and if there are too many duplicate files. Pop-up ads are also a clear warning sign of a virus infecting your device.

Not sure how to deal with a problem like this? We’ve got you covered. Learn how to remove phone viruses and other tech advice by reading through our other posts right here, today!

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