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The Must-Read Guide to Becoming a Bookie


When finding alternative sources of income, becoming a bookie sounds interesting and cool. You have the advantage on sports betting, especially when taking bets and getting players to bet with you.

However, this line of work also comes with risks. It also requires a lot of hard work to make it successful.

Keep an eye out for some details when starting as a bookie. Read on and discover what to prepare for as a bookie today.

Weigh the Risks

As with online gambling, you must know and weigh the risks of the job. When working on a bookmaking operation, always prepare since you’re taking a financial risk. The ideal situation is you won’t risk losing money as a bookie since 50% of the public’s money going to you.

Despite this, some weeks or months won’t work out. It’s where you must have enough capital to keep up with paying the winning bettors. The last thing you want is for your operation to close down.

There are other risks involved with being a bookie. Make sure to prepare whenever they arise.

Word of Mouth

You’ll need more players to put in bets. When starting, find ways to spread the word about your services. One approach is to start with well-known associates. Grow your reach with strangers to convert them into players.

When starting, get help from your current players to grow your book. It allows new players to join in. Put in some bonuses to reward their efforts.

Make sure to have a professional and courteous approach to your dealings. Be timely with payments. After all, you need more players to bet.

Learn What You Can

Whenever possible, learn as much as you can about sports gambling. Learn the ins and outs of the sport and the industry as a whole, as this is one of the most important bookie tips to remember. It provides an edge with the betting aspect, allowing you to have forecasts on what could happen.

Partner Up

In some cases, becoming a bookie can be overwhelming. Partner up with another bookie with more experience in the business. When doing so, make sure they’re a trustworthy financial partner and would work well as a representative of your business.

Get an Effective Pay-Per-Head Service Tool

You also need a pay-per-head service tool to work for you in sports betting. With a lot of gambling websites and platforms present, consider going for one you can use and trust to run a successful operation.

Prepare When Becoming a Bookie

Becoming a bookie needs some preparation and serious work. Find a partner whenever possible and learn everything you can about the industry. It helps you out to get the bets up and running, allowing you to gain more.

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