The most incredible styles of lab made diamond engagement rings.


    Lab-made diamonds are created from the tiny carbon diamond seed of the already existing diamond. Through a high level of technology, they are either use an extreme pressure and high temperature or a special method known as CVD which is similar to the natural method of diamond formation. Similarly, some of the lab-made diamonds through deposition, usually undergo high pressure and high-temperature treatment after their formation. These diamonds are then used to create precious jewelry such as rings of all types and occasions. The diamond engagement rings come in different styles to satisfy individual value, taste, and preferences to mark the best and most special memorable moments of the occasion. The following article will explore the various styles of lab-made diamond engagement rings.


    Solitaire is lab made diamond engagement ring whose name is a trace from the French language. It carries a single diamond at the center hence reflecting its beauty. The solitaire engagement ring is one of the most popular styles of an engagement ring as this type of design boast sophistication in its simplicity. The gemstone is often set high hence allowing the diamond to get maximum exposure to light which catalyzes its brilliance. This type of engagement ring is perhaps best for couples who prefer classic styles.   


    The halo engagement ring has a gemstone in the center surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds which boast its sparkle and make it appear bigger and extra divine. Previously, the halo rings took a style of solitaire engagement ring, but with time and technological revolution, jewelers have become more creative in the Halo settings hence producing better and fantastic styles such as pear-shaped or oval diamonds, square stones, or colored gemstone such as rubies and blue sapphires. 


    The three-stone is a lab-made diamond engagement ring which is also known as trinity or trilogy ring. The ring is made up of fantastic features with different meanings hence making it unique and lavish. It’s made of a trio of gemstones that symbolizes the past, present, and future together. The central gemstone is often set higher than the complimentary side diamonds hence adding some depth to the ring. The round cut diamonds are the most often chosen/preferred central gemstone. The other two diamonds are usually half carat weight as the center diamond.

    Cluster round style 

    The cluster round engagement ring style is made up of a cluster of diamonds shaped in a circle. This style gives you options to have your engagement ring look modern or timeless classic depending on the band you choose. The cluster of diamonds reflects light at every angle hence making it an elegant type of jewelry. The beautiful circular design is suited for every occasion and makes a breathtaking engagement ring. 


    The pave engagement rings exude luxury whose surface is covered with diamond hence creating a continuous glittering surface. The diamonds are usually the popular precious gemstones often held in place by tiny beads of gold or platinum. The full coverage from the gemstone gives it an extra sparkle with a stunning line of light and glitter.

    In summary, the choice of style for the lab made diamond engagement rings, is entirely personal. However, making a well-informed decision is better to satisfy your expectations, preference, and taste and get the value of your jewelry. If you’re looking for the best engagement rings style, it’s good to read and do better research to discover the enduring and the emerging trends that will mark your occasion.

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