HomeQuiz: How Much Do You Know About Video Ads on Social Media?

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Video Ads on Social Media?


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Do you make the most out of your video assets on social media? Did you know that a big portion of all internet traffic by 2022 will be video content consumption? Moreover, have you read the statistics indicating 65% of SMEs rely on video ads for promotions? Besides, studies also show that visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than an all-text post. Are you lagging in the competition? If you fail this mini quiz, do not despair. Thankfully, you can count on an online video editor like this tool to catch up.

Since the explosion of the digital revolution, social media has changed the way people communicate and receive information. As a result, professional marketers distribute and deliver content continuously through all social media platforms. Video ads stay on top of all content because it stimulates more senses with audio and visual components. Thus, it would be best if you made video ads a part of your marketing artillery. Here are compelling reasons why you must incorporate video ads in your social media. 

Hooks the Audience’s Elusive Attention

Videos serve as the most attention-grabbing tool that hooks your audience. Unlike a long-form article that takes a long time to read, people can consume and watch videos faster. Besides, people today seem fond of mindlessly scrolling through their social media feeds. Therefore, they will only stop and give attention to the most compelling content. 

Fortunately, you can use your online video editor to create stunning content the captures interest. If you want to succeed on social media, you must: 

  • Condense information
  • Make everything enticing
  • Add eye-catching effects
  • Leave the audience wanting more

When you do these elements, you can successfully catch your followers’ attention and retain it. Thus, you must make a catchy intro, so users do not scroll away. And make sure they finish the video with an exciting body and ending. 

Assures Relevance and Timeliness

You take great pains to optimize your content for top search engine ranking. Thus, you must do the same for your video ads because social media has now morphed into a mini search engine. Therefore, when you create exciting content using your online video editor, you stay relevant. 

Videos on social media end up being the most viral, popular, and trendy. How do you ensure this will happen to the video content you produce? Check these out:

  • Create a catchy headline
  • Use a concise description
  • Put in relevant hashtags
  • Incorporate a catchy thumbnail

Increases Conversion Rates for Utmost Success

Releasing video ads on social media has the power to boost your conversion rates. No matter what social media platform you use, remember to start with a clear purpose for your videos. Whether you want to increase website traffic or purchases, video ads can meet your needs. And what is the secret to this? Make it a priority to include a strong CTA or call to action. 

This CTA provides guidance for all the viewers of your ads. It serves as your virtual handshake that moves them. For example, you can add the following CTAs using fonts or stickers with your online video editor:

  • Learn more
  • Visit here
  • Subscribe now
  • Enjoy our promo

Allow Repurposed Content for Maximized Resources

Posting video ads on social media allows you to repurpose content. As such, you can use large video assets or even popular blog topics and divide them into shorter snippets. These smaller but dynamic content drive more engagement. On top of that, you can rest assured that your posts will do well because they are based on a successful source. Besides, repurposing existing content allows you to save on precious resources. 

Remember, when you post on social media, you don’t want your audience to lose their interest quickly. For this reason, you need a purpose to guide you. This will help you curate topics and lay out concrete plans to convey your message. As a result, you can optimize your online video editor and create a touching story that leaves your followers wanting more.

Provides a Brand Voice for Improved Awareness

Video ads on social media provide your brand a voice. This means you can readily post content and take advantage of trending stories, consumer pain points, and other relevant materials that have gone viral. You must take advantage of these things to create real-time content with your online video editor. 

This move assures that you become a part of the social conversation. For example, you can take part in hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday or #Fitness Fridays to generate attention. In addition, linking your video content with the latest trend ensures that you spark conversations, create engagement, and improve brand awareness. 

Assures Better Brand Exposure

Similarly, videos assure you get brand exposure on social media. Remember, a picture spells a thousand words, so moving images with audio can provide much more. With videos, you improve user interaction that engages them to stay on and explore your brand. This is something that a plain static logo can never do. 

However, you must ensure that your videos look stunning. Terrible audio and jarring images can tarnish your brand’s credibility. For best results, do the following with your online video editor:

  • Eliminate bad sound
  • Include music
  • Enhance pictures
  • Add animations
  • Incorporate text 

There’s a lot of noise out there, so you must cater to viewers’ decreasing attention spans by giving them fewer excuses to leave.

Paves the Way for Personification

Finally, video ads on social media serve you well because they give your brand the human touch. And this matters because people will only patronize brands they resonate with. In general, human beings feel more comfortable doing business with brands they know and understand. 

Thus, it would help if you allowed your social media followers to see the processes behind the scenes, along with the people who make your business successful. When they can see faces attached to your brand, they feel a deeper connection. You create familiarity and loyalty that makes them choose you over your competitors. 

Parting Words

With so much noise on social media, that’s full of hype and gimmicks, demonstrating an authentic side of your brand will compel people to work with you. This is the perfect way to trump the competition. 

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