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The Moral Responsibilities Of Social Media Companies


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Social media platforms have become a crucial part of our lives. Nowadays, staying busy and connected with friends and family is more accessible with a smartphone or computer. In fact, 92% of millennials use social media sites at least once a day. Social media has brought us closer together than ever before, but at the same time, it’s also amplified the negative aspects of society, like cyberbullying. These changes in technology have forced companies to reevaluate their roles as online service providers. The increased pressure to act in the best interest of users has resulted in new codes of conduct that companies are expected to follow. But what does this new social responsibility code entail? You can learn more here about the moral responsibilities of social media companies.

Pledge to be Transparent

Social media platforms have become the primary communication channel for many people. Social media companies must uphold this level of transparency and accountability. Social media companies must fully detail the process they use to create and publish content. There are many cases where content is altered or withheld entirely, and users should be notified of these changes. Users should also be able to flag problematic posts and comments and get a timely response. Trust will begin to erode if a social media platform doesn’t answer flagged posts or comments.

Abusive Behavior

Because social media platforms are so accessible, many people feel comfortable posting controversial or offensive posts. Unfortunately, some of these posts are then reported to moderators, who then decide whether or not to remove them. However, moderators have a long list of things they’re not allowed to do, from removing posts just because they’re offensive to removing posts to prevent harassment. Moderators should not remove posts just because they’re offended or because a post is “improper.” Other rules may also complicate matters, like the rule that people should only be reported once in 24 hours. While moderators are not required to make difficult decisions, they should be held accountable for their decisions.

Fake News

One of the challenges posed by social media is the difficulty of separating fact from fiction. Many social media platforms have attempted to combat fake news by developing user-friendly tools that allow them to rate the validity of a post. These tools need to be correctly implemented and should stop people from spreading misinformation. Social media platforms should look for ways to resolve the fake news problem that don’t involve restricting free speech or giving moderators the power to decide what “truth.” is

Hate Speech or Propaganda

Unfortunately, some social media platforms are also used as a source of hate speech, misinformation, and propaganda. This can lead to severe consequences, like the spread of misinformation that results in the loss of life.

Social media companies have a responsibility to be responsible and to uphold specific moral codes of conduct. These companies should be transparent about their content processes and shouldn’t allow hateful and dehumanizing content to go unchecked.

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