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A control point is a coordinate location of a physical feature identified on the ground. Control points are identified through control point surveying and are used to improve spatial accuracy in adjusting to all connection points. Other than helping identify control points, control point surveying has other importance. Below is the significance of the control point survey.

Establishing durable and sustainable reference points

Reference points are the basis of starting any project and ensuring its lifecycle throughout and beyond. Control point surveys focus on developing horizontal and vertical positions concerning the desired horizontal or vertical datum. All the subsequent work of a project will then run seamlessly once the reference points are identified. The reference points are used in planning, engineering, and land development processes and for future reference.

It is the foundational tool for other types of surveys.

Control point surveying is essential in identifying control points vital in developing an accurate survey performed on a new site. In other words for other words, for further surveys to take place, a control survey must first be conducted to identify the control points. These surveys include topographic, aerial mapping, utility mapping, boundary surveys, right-of-way, and construction layouts. Reference points play a significant role in ensuring the surveyors work on their desired projects without substantial difficulties.

Ensuring the GPS coordinates are accurate.

Since control point surveying is based on developing the horizontal and vertical points, the survey will ensure that the GPS coordinates accurately correspond with the longitude and latitude at any point on your map. The accurate coordinates ensure you do not lose your way and wander to an unknown location. This is beneficial in sectors where precision mapping and factual global accuracy are needed.

Used for accurate job site planning

A contractor is bound to use the established control points through control surveying to set up the job site. This mainly entails the layout and the automated machine guidance. In any case, the inaccurate control survey data will lead to the contractor making significant mistakes in the planning. This could be costly for both the contractor and the project owner. Such cases are rare, making the control points reliable and sustainable in job site planning.

Calculating the distance between two points

Triangulation is a control survey technique used in calculating the distance between two points by applying triangles. This is mainly used to calculate the unknown space between two stations. Triangulation is an everyday practice for students taking geography. It entails measuring the angles in a formed triangle but three established control points. With just the length of one side, the size of the other sides can easily be calculated using the angle.

For accurate and reliable control points to be established and used for developing your job site, you must ensure that you work closely with a reliable surveying company with experience and a proven good track record. This is also complemented by following the procedure of laying your control survey plan to avoid making mistakes that may later cost you.

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