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The Full Forms of NGO and PNR: What They Mean, and Why You Should Care

If you want to know the full detail about the NGO full form and PNR full form then you opened the right page. Here we will tell you in detail how can you do it.

What are NGOs and PNR?

How can you know this? Because we know that you have seen these full forms. What is a full form? It is a citizen information website that consists of millions of data. There are two kinds of full form. These two kinds of full forms are the NGO and PNR. You must find out how PNR and NGO can have the same full form. What is NGO PNR? Each citizen should have his/her PNR information to know that who is working for that country to whom he is connected and so on. You can know this in your passport. You must have your full form of PNR along with your passport. Why do we have NGO PNR in full form? If the same full form is the same for the citizens of any country then why is it different for NGOs? Why are we different from each other? Is it there any important reason behind this?


Why you should know about them?

As you already know that as per the latest FEMA regulations you should identify a foreign non-profit organization (NGO) by simply filling the full form. But what you might not know is that the new FEMA regulations mandate a thorough verification process when it comes to providing your details in your passport application form. For that, the Indian embassy has to send you a questionnaire which you need to fill. While doing that you should not forget to fill in the PNR registration form. If you do that then the NGO will not issue you a passport. And you also need to pay an expensive fee. In fact, if you are not given a correct copy of the PNR number, you might be deported to India. How do you fill-up the full form?


The full form of NGO

As stated on IRS 847 form, the NGO is a “section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.” Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations must be organized for social good, to carry out activities primarily for charitable or educational purposes, and may not be operated for the benefit of private interests. For exempt organizations, a primary purpose must be the promotion of a public mission. While many of these organizations are non-profits only, they still run businesses or industries. You can track them by simply reading their annual filings. On the other hand, the PNR full form In the United States, a State Electronic Refugee Registration System (WERRSS) allows immigrants to enter the United States by landing.


The full form of PNR

Pursuant to the direction of section 5 of the Ministry of Home Affairs Rules 2006, the name, address, and date of birth of an individual shall be recorded in the Entry Book of a Personal Record System in case of the person so applying meets the criteria in para 2 of the said section. The data, which is processed by the immigration authorities are used for all documents, including passport, voter ID card, PAN card, etc. An Entry Book is an electronic application of a person for admission, stay, or departure in the country.



These are the five actions which if you have to do with PNR then you should do it. It can avoid a lot of problems. We always keep in mind in this process that whoever is sharing his or her PNR information or their full form should be a person who wants to do it and not become the victim of any leak or data breach.

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