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The 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle


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Why learn to code?

Section 2: Download the Microsoft Coder Sign-up Form

Section 3: Download the Microsoft Coder Pack

Section 4: Download the Microsoft Coder Careers

Section 5: Download the Premium Learn To Code Questions

…and Complete all the sections.

If you know someone who needs to know how to code but doesn’t know how to find the time, this bundle is a great way to help them get the edge over their competition!

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The 2020 bundle

If you’re looking to earn your C++ certification to land a lucrative job in the technology field, this is the certification bundle for you!

Cisco, Microsoft, Adobe, and Apple are just some of the amazing brands that are known for their products and technology. In 2018, companies will spend more than $6.1 billion on new IT investments.

With these certifications, you will learn the ins and outs of these companies, and why they are major tech giants. Each of these certification paths give you comprehensive training in core web, mobile, and database platforms.

Don’t waste your time anymore. Make 2019 the year you set the bar higher than ever.

How can you become a premium student?

Visit here to view the Full Course Description.

Videos Included:

Allan Osheroff’s Introduction to Web Development

For Beginners: Javascript, CSS, HTML and JavaScript

HTML for Beginners: A Quick Introduction to Web Pages

Become a Professional Web Developer: JavaScript Basics

Learn To Code: The Beginner’s Guide to JavaScript

The Complete Javascript Bundle: Get You Started!

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What does the 2020 premium coding certification bundle include?

Only $27

Train To Rank 21% Bonus

Microsoft Certification Essentials courseware courseware are designed to teach you Microsoft .NET web programming knowledge. You’ll also learn how to use PHP to do web and mobile applications and learn how to use other programming languages such as Perl, Python and Java.

Certification 1.0

This course gives you the ability to code web applications to increase your overall coding competency. You’ll learn how to do basic JavaScript coding and you’ll learn how to do basic HTML coding. It’s definitely not a complete certification, but you’ll have a basic understanding of coding.

Certification 2.0

This course goes in-depth and explains the content covered in the first certification.


There are more than 1,500,000,000 devices connected to the internet today. And of these, nearly 8,000,000,000 of them are in homes. The number of smartphones in the hands of people are continuing to skyrocket. And the same is true for computer tablets. So it’s reasonable to expect that even more people would be taking an interest in the potential of coding.

That’s why the skills covered in this kit are as important as ever. There’s a massive amount to cover in this kit, which can be overwhelming if you have never taken an interest in the subject. But don’t worry, it’s all easy to understand and the important thing to remember is to pick a path that’s right for you.

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