Tax Submissions: What Are Your Options Now?

Are you sure you are paying the right amount for your commercial property tax while controlling the risks? Do you need a clear vision of your current and future taxes? Tax consultants, who have many years of experience, anticipate, reduce and secure the commercial property tax of your office buildings. They also advise you in your choice of future locations and support you in the preparation of your property tax declarations.

Since 2017 and the establishment of the Revision of Rental Value (RVL), the commercial property tax is determined by the tariff method: an updated and more scalable method. It nevertheless remains linked to the old method known as by comparison: the 1970 cadastral rental value entering into the calculation of layering and smoothing until 2026. For the California business property taxes this goes perfect.

Changes in the basis for calculating the property tax can lead to substantial savings (up to 40% of the tax). In this context, consultants give you a clear vision of your commercial property tax. They also support you in securing your commercial property tax and budgeting for your future taxes.

Aiming relies on the expertise of independent and specialized law firms for sustainable and secure optimization.

Commercial Property Tax: Our Method Is Based On a Database Of Type Premises

The constitution of a large database of standard premises since 1986 allows us to have a unique benchmark in this area and to carry out a precise assessment of your situation. To help you lighten the weight of this position, consultants analyze the two components of property tax:

The revised rental value:

Established on the various assignments and areas constituting the building and from the evaluation parameters that are the sectorization, the location coefficients and the price tables for the 38 categories of premises,

The 1970 Rental Value:

It is also established on the various assignments and surfaces constituting the building and by comparison with standard premises listed in the minutes.


Tax consultant’s teams check these two values (category of building, validity of standard premises, etc.). If necessary, they carry out a visit and a measurement of your building. An internal measurement unit, made up of surveyors, quantity surveyors and survey engineers, making it possible to declare your “fair” surfaces. No subcontracting is carried out.

At the same time, consultants look for any exemptions applicable to your company or your establishment. When legal expertise is required, they call on an independent law firm to file a claim with the tax authorities, if applicable.

Local Taxation: Support Linked To the Life Cycle of Your Buildings

Does your company have premises? Property tax consultants help you reduce the office tax and the parking space tax.

To reduce the property tax it is necessary to establish (or have established) a diagnosis in order to know if you’re building is in a surtax situation.

The first element to examine is the area of ​​the room: you can quite easily determine its real area. On the other hand, the weighted area, which is based on the application of correct weights, is much more difficult to calculate.

The second element is (in general) the term of comparison: is its size, its activity, its location, its composition comparable to those of your premises? With the revision of the rental values ​​of professional premises, which entered into force in 2017, the comparison term has been replaced by a category of premises + a geographical sector + a rate based on the departmental tariff schedule. dra. minguita padilla

The differences detected must give rise to an adjustment of the cadastral rental value to make the two premises correspond. And this situation can last for many years. The owner then comes up against the limitation which often prevents him from going back as far as he would like.


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