Taking the City by Mailbox: What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

In a world filled with digital marketing and online solutions, should you even consider marketing through snail mail? Is there any benefit to sending physical content to potential customers?

Yes! Direct mail marketing is an old tactic that still holds sway over the consumer. A direct mail marketing strategy consists of sending old-fashioned flyers, letters, and pamphlets through the US mailing system.

Let’s delve into what this marketing strategy entails and how you can use it to your advantage, especially during COVID!

1. Choose Your Message

Choosing direct mail marketing ideas to execute can be overwhelming at first. What message do you want them to walk away with? How will you catch their attention?

Depending on your company, a happy birthday or valentine’s day message can be equally effective. Or maybe you’re sending them mail because you have a new product line releasing in the next month. Keep your purpose and message in mind, because it’ll become crucial in the next tip.

2. Determine Your Layout

Now that you’ve established why you’re using a direct mail marketing campaign, we can decide how you want to present this information. A postcard is meant to be quickly looked over, while a brochure requires more attention and care. You have to wow them with your execution.

Postcards are excellent for promotions, appointment reminders, and grand opening announcements. They say: hey, come check out this specific offer!

Brochures and menus offer a tantalizing service that is displayed across a foldable card or map-like paper. They pull you in and leave you wanting more, which influences customers to check out your website.

3. Send Samples and Promotions

Once you know your message and the vessel you’ll use to deliver it, you can choose what fun goodies you’ll include with your mail. Make an incentive for your potential customers to give you a try.

Direct mail marketing companies want to help you make your mail special. If you can afford it, you can even send a small parcel with your promotional treat inside. This packaging should be personal and at the same time bolster your brand image!

For example, if you’re a moving company, your direct mail marketing sample or promotion could include free moving services for the first two hours of work you do.

4. Get Creative

Nobody wants to receive a boring old piece of paper. Snail mail has competition, just like your email, and people won’t hesitate to throw a lackluster direct mail marketing campaign in the trash.

Think of the best holiday cards you receive and what makes them stand out! Create a visual treat for your customers and they will reward you with their interest.

Craft Your Direct Mail Marketing Plan Today

The direct mail marketing cost is mitigated by the returns you’ll see for your efforts. We hope this how-to guide has made you realize how much potential your company has to find success in the traditional post.

Be sure to check out more business and marketing tips on our blog. We hope this has taught you to embrace old traditions and make them new.

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