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Style with a muffler on winter days to look fashionable

Season comes, season leaves and fashion is always changing, reinventing itself. Despite so much change, some pieces can be wild to create a production. Such as mufflers, which are among the most versatile items that can be used as accessories or a main piece.

With winter coming, the choice of pieces can vary between the most versatile or warm. The variety of models and uses, according to her, depends on each person’s style.

The cold is coming slowly… We are at that time when we never know very well what clothes to leave the house with: in the morning it’s cold, in the afternoon it gets hot… One solution is to bet on scarves and scarves to protect yourself from the already freezing cold air. It’s been showing up around.

How Mufflers are optimum piece of winter clothing?

Mufflers are rectangular strips of fabric, very wide and long. They are also often made of lightweight materials such as cotton, voile or chiffon. Most men winter muffler wholesale still have a fringe finish. They are worn around the neck and also over the shoulders. The muffler adds a lot of style to the look, and depending on the model, it can be used in more formal events, being combined with dresses and blazers. As well as the muffler, it is indicated for days with milder temperatures.

Suitable for colder days, mufflers are usually made of heavy and warm fabrics, such as wool, and are usually shaped in knitting or crochet. They are usually long, narrow and give a very voluminous effect, as the intention is really to protect and warm the throat. Like scarves, they often have fringe on the finish.

The muffler from women muffler wholesale manufacturer is very versatile and depending on each person’s style and temperature variation, you can make different uses. Other accessories such as collars and scarves also make up the look and can have different uses. Made of wool or other warmer materials, the muffler is a great winter ally. Depending on the size of the piece, it can be used with varied ties, turning into a coat.

  • Place the muffler from the back of the neck with the ends forward. Loop around the neck with one end and go back down. Finally, adjust the neck. The result is a more laid-back and modern look;
  • Make a complete loop by wrapping one end of the muffler over your shoulder and completing the loop to the front of your body. It is possible to use this style in a looser or tighter way that favors the thermal protection of the neck;
  • With the muffler folded in half and taut, place it on the back of your neck and pass the joined ends through the inside of the fold. In this case, you can also adjust the node to your liking. This is a simple way to use the accessory, as well as one of the wearing options that most favors the heating of the entire neck and nape region;

On really cold days, one of the best ways to ensure warming up is by wrapping the accessory around the neck and hiding the ends under your blouse and jacket, the result is a kind of ‘gold’.

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