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Social Media Mistakes Your Small Business Should Watch Out For


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It’s easy to see why social media has become such a common fixture in so many businesses’ digital marketing strategies. Not only are the web’s leading social platforms free and easy to use, they have the power to grow your customer base exponentially. Of course, in order to get the most out of your social media endeavors, you’ll need to equip yourself with the proper knowledge and put in a considerable amount of effort. Furthermore, to help ensure long-term success on the social media front, take care to avoid the following mistakes. 

Irregular Updates 

While creating accounts for your business on the web’s most prominent social platforms is a good start, simply having these accounts isn’t going to cut it. In order to enjoy the full benefits of social media, you’ll need to update each of your accounts on a daily basis. In fact, depending on the platform, it may be best to create multiple new posts per day. For example, platforms that are built around short-form posts – i.e., Twitter – generally work best when users update their accounts multiple times throughout the day. Conversely, platforms that support longer-form posts – like Facebook and Instagram – are ideal for users who want to create one or two updates per day.  

In short, each of your accounts will need to be updated at least once a day. Fortunately, since posts can often be reused across multiple platforms, you won’t have to worry about creating wholly unique posts for every one of your accounts. Just remember – the less often you post, the less likely you are to retain follower interest. However, by the same token, you should also avoid posting excessively, as this is liable to annoy followers and potentially even get you muted.  

If you’re looking for effective tips on crafting engaging posts or determining the ideal update schedule, consider getting in touch with a knowledgeable digital marketing agency. In addition to helping you shape and refine your social media strategy, the right agency will be able to offer up insightful advice on many other areas of digital marketing. Sunshine State-based small businesses looking to get a handle on their social media endeavors would do well to contact a good digital marketing agency in Miami, FL.

General Unresponsiveness  

Reaching out to one’s favorite celebrities, public figures and brands is among the most appealing aspects of social media. Unsurprisingly, a platform through which you can posit questions and offer feedback to people and businesses you admire is something that countless consumers can get behind. 

Of course, communication is a two-way street, and the less responsive you are to questions and comments you receive via social media, the more offended your followers are liable to become. Offering curt, unhelpful responses or simply ignoring follower feedback altogether isn’t going to do you any favors with current or prospective patrons. On the flipside, providing timely, courteous responses to followers who are gracious enough to offer their input is likely to foster customer loyalty and make people feel more personally invested in the success of your business.      

Getting into Arguments 

Since follower engagement and interaction is vital to your business’s success on social media, you’d do well to avoid getting into arguments with other users. Even if the other party is very clearly the aggressor, engaging them in an argument is liable to make you appear petty and immature. Additionally, if someone’s goal is to bait you into an argument on social media, you should abstain from providing them with the desired response. 

If a follower – or non-follower – seems intent on starting an argument, you’d do well to disengage from the interaction. Furthermore, if the other party becomes profane and/or outright threatening, report this to the site’s security team rather than continue an uncomfortable interaction.     

There’s little wonder as to why countless businesses hold social media in such high regard. In addition to being highly cost-effective and generating big returns, social media marketing can bring your brand to the attention of thousands of potential patrons. However, this isn’t to say that success is a guarantee or that you won’t have to put sufficient effort into your business’s social media endeavors. In the interest of maximizing your success on social media, be on your guard for the missteps outlined above.  


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