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Selling Your Old Android Phone: How to Get the Best Value


Upgrading to a new phone is always exciting but it also leaves you with the question of what to do with your old device. Getting a reasonable price for your use Android phone can help offset the cost of that shiny new model. You can sell your old phone with a few simple steps and get the most cash back in your pocket.

In this guide we’ll walk through selling an Android device to maximise its resale value. We’ll cover resetting the phone evaluating its condition choosing selling platforms pricing competitively and tips for closing the sale. Follow these steps to ensure you get the highest possible cash return when you say goodbye to your trusty old smartphone.

Step 1: Reset the Phone to Factory Settings

Before listing your Android phone for sale you’ll want to clean it. Performing a factory reset erases all personal data like contacts photos accounts and customised settings. This protects your privacy and prepares the device for the next owner.

Resetting your phone also turns off features like activation lock. This makes the device more valuable to potential buyers. A reset is usually simple and can be done through the phone’s Settings app. Just find the Reset option and choose Factory Data Reset.

Once your phone is wiped it will be restored to its original factory conditions. This gives the buyer confidence they are getting a clean device not one filled with someone else’s stuff.

Step 2: Assess Your Phone’s Condition

The condition of your device plays a significant role in determining its resale value. Take some time to honestly evaluate your Android phones physical and functional state before listing it for sale.

Check for any external signs of wear and tear like scratches dents and cracks on the screen or body. Turn on the phone and ensure features like the camera WiFi Bluetooth microphone and speakers are working correctly. Check that the charging port and headphone jack are undamaged.

You can reference this list of best Android Phones to help determine your phone’s current value based on its model and specs.

You can expect a higher resale price if your phone is in flawless condition with no significant scuffs or defects. Phones in “good” condition may have light scratches or minor dings. Devices with cracks, chips, or malfunctioning parts are considered “poor” condition.

Be upfront about any issues or defects when listing your phone for sale. Capture photos or video showing the phone’s current state. Buyers will pay more for honesty than surprises down the road.

Step 3: Pick Your Selling Platform

You have several options regarding platforms for selling your Android device. Choosing the right marketplace can help you get maximum visibility and the best price. Some popular places to list used phones include:

  • eBay: Great worldwide reach. You can list phones for auction or set a fixed Buy It Now price. eBay charges insertion and final value fees.
  • Swappa: Specializes in used devices. All listings have a fixed price—a smaller audience than eBay but have lower fees.
  • Craigslist: Free listings and no fees, but limited search, and you’ll need to handle local sellers directly.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Free to post, can list locally or ship items. Leverages your existing network of Facebook friends/followers.
  • Trade-in programs: Get an instant quote from sites like Nextworth or Decluttr. Send them your device and get paid. It is very convenient, but sections can be lower.

Consider starting with localized sites or apps like Letgo and OfferUp if you want to get cash quickly from a buyer in your area. But cast a wide net by listing the phone on national sites, too.

Step 4: Price Your Phone Competitively

Setting the right asking price is vital to selling your Android phone quickly and getting as much money as possible. If you price it too high, it could languish without buyers. Too low, and you leave money on the table.

Research current selling prices for your phone model and specs to gauge market value. Filter search results for listings indicating similar conditions as your device. See what fees are typical for used and refurbished versions.

Aim to price your phone around 10-20% lower than comparable listings and recently sold items. This ensures your asking price is competitive to attract buyers. Consider offers, too – slightly above recently sold prices leaves room for negotiation.

Adjust your asking price if your phone has imperfections like cracked screens or other issues. List its model and condition on the lower end of the price range. Price drops can also generate interest and offers from buyers watching your listing.

Step 5: Create a Good Listing

The way you position and describe your old Android phone in online listings can impact the offers you get. Follow these tips to create an effective ad that helps buyers see value in your used device:

  • Write an accurate headline clearly stating the phone’s make, model, specs, and condition. This helps attract the right searchers.
  • Highlight in the description any notable features like an upgraded camera, expanded storage, or extras like cases.
  • Disclose any scratches, defects, or signs of wear to set expectations. Capture multiple photos and videos showing the phone powered on.
  • Note factory reset status, battery health, original packaging, and accessories to demonstrate value.
  • Mention the phone is unlocked if applicable. This makes it work on any carrier.
  • Keep the language concise yet compelling. Stay honest and positive to build buyer confidence.
  • Respond promptly to buyer questions and be flexible on logistics like shipping and payment methods.

Following these best practices for creating listings helps buyers get a clear picture of your phone and motivates them to make an offer.

Step 6: Close the Sale and Ship Securely

Once you receive an acceptable offer for your Android phone, it’s time to complete the transaction. Invoice the buyer through your selling platform’s payment system; this keeps things secure and traceable. Avoid risky payment methods like bank transfers or gift cards.

Use a tracked shipping service with signature confirmation required, ensuring the package is at its total value. Be sure to get valid contact details for your buyer in case any issues arise.

Carefully package the phone to avoid damage in transit. Include any accessories, manuals, packaging, and documentation with the shipment. Send the buyer the tracking number immediately so they can follow the progress.

Following these safe selling and shipping practices helps ensure you both walk away happy. Delete the phone’s data and apps from your accounts as a final step to complete the separation. With a few simple precautions, you can sell your old Android phone and pocket the rewards of your wise technology upgrade.

Summary: Getting Top Dollar for Your Used Android

Transitioning to a new phone doesn’t have to leave your old one collecting dust. Sell your Android device intelligently and enjoy some extra cash in your wallet. Here are a few essential tips:

  •         Wipe your phone and verify everything is in working order before listing it for sale. Be honest about any cosmetic or functional defects that impact value.
  •         Research prices to set a competitive asking price. List on multiple selling platforms to maximize visibility.
  •         Create an accurate, compelling ad with great photos showing your phone powered on. Respond quickly to interested buyers.
  •         Price 10-20% under comparable listings to attract buyers. Consider reasonable offers and be flexible on logistics.
  •         Close sales securely using seller-protected payment methods. Package the phone carefully and ship fully insured with signature confirmation.

Following this advice allows you to successfully sell your Android phone, like the Pixel 2 XL Panda, and get the most money back on your past investment. That cash can help fund your next exciting device upgrade or other tech purchases. So, turn the tech cycle into a rewarding opportunity with these handy tips for selling used smartphones.

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