Saree Slay: Get Ready To Turn Heads With These Bold Saree Styles Secret To Looking Flawless In A Saree: Expert Tips Revealed

Saree Slay: Get Ready To Turn Heads With These Bold Saree Styles Secret To Looking Flawless In A Saree: Expert Tips Revealed

Sarees, the quintessential Indian attire, have transcended cultural boundaries and are adored by everyone worldwide. This six yard wonder offers unparalleled elegance, and when draped with confidence, it has the power to turn heads and have a lasting impression. 

The fusion of different styles has become a prominent trend, giving rise to a plethora of innovative and unique clothing options. Incorporating bold and contemporary elements into a traditional drape can take your style game to new heights. Be it mixing and matching, ditching your traditional petticoat for a pair of pants, adding a jacket or playing with different kinds of drapes, there’s a style for each one. 

We’ve curated a list of 6 saree styles in order for you to look your best and stay uber-fashionable.


  • The Jumpsuit Saree: A fusion of contemporary and timelessness

This latest sarees are a beautiful amalgamation of two diverse outfits- a timeless garment, such as a saree, with a comfortable jumpsuit. When the two meet each other, it results in a chic and contemporary ensemble that appeals to women who want to achieve style and comfort, all in one. The concept comes from the desire to reinvent a traditional saree for those who find draping a six yard long fabric intimidating.

The idea was to create a pre-stitched saree which would eliminate the need for complex pleats and folds, making way for ease of movement, comfort and an easy going look. The blouse is usually heavy on the embellishments, replete with intricate embroidery, sequins and beadwork, adding elegance to the overall fit. Rhea Kapoor was seen donning this exquisite style, too. You can rock this piece at a wedding reception or a cocktail party, owing to its comfort and convenience.


  • Hand-painted saree: An organza beauty

If you have love and respect for the arts, and want to showcase the exquisite craftsmanship of skilled artisans, this saree is for you. Each saree is a labour of love, meticulously painted by hand, making it unique and a one-of-a-kind piece of work. They often feature detailed designs and delicate motifs, mostly florals and vibrant colours. The artistry involved adds an unparalleled charm and grace to the wearer, and exemplifies the beauty of Indian craftsmanship and its traditional art forms. Whether worn for festivities or contemporary occasions, you will always stand out in this ensemble. The fabric used for this unique piece is mostly organza, owing to its lightweight and breathable properties. Kareena Kapoor has adorned this style beautifully.


  • Ruffled Saree: Made for your twists and twirls

Ruffled sarees are a delightful twist to the classic Indian drape. These sarees feature playful and voluminous ruffles along the edges, along the skirt at the bottom, the pallu, the blouse or a cape on top. They add flair and a touch of drama to your look. The ruffles cascading gracefully create an illusion of movement and elegance as the wearer glides through the room. You can dress it down or up depending on the occasion.

 For a more dressed-down look, muted colours in lightweight fabrics and plain ruffles on the pallu would go well, whereas, for a more dressy look, dark colours in heavy fabrics would go well. We have seen Pooja Hegde and Shilpa Shetty rock these in style.


  • Fringe Saree: A whimsical piece

Fringe sarees, also known as tassel sarees, are a captivating take on classic sarees and add a touch of whimsy. They feature fringes or tassels along the borders or pallu, adding a playful and bohemian touch to the traditional drape. The fringes sway gracefully as the wearer moves, creating a dynamic effect that sets these sarees apart from the rest. For a chic look, you can opt for lightweight fabrics like chiffon or georgette, adorned with tassels. Meanwhile, for a wedding or a grand celebration, silk or brocade fringe sarees with elaborate fringes and sequins can be chosen, just as Alia Bhatt did for the promotion of her movie. They can be paired with modern or traditional blouses, and the fringes give an opportunity to play with colours and contrast to add dimension. 


  • Cape Style Saree: A powerful ensemble

If you’re into powersuits and superheroes—and wish to add a punch of drama to your classic saree—this one’s for you. A cape style saree is basically your regular saree with a statement cape added along the shoulders. Capes can vary in length, material and embellishments, from feathers to intricate embroidery, heavy shoulder pads and glitzy sequins, they come in a lot of varieties. This style has become a favourite choice for fashion-forward individuals, making a bold statement at weddings, parties and other special events. With its eye-catching appeal, the cape style saree continues to redefine contemporary Indian fashion, inspiring women to embrace their individuality and power like Sonam Kapoor Ahuja has done, time and again.


  • Pant Style Saree: Replace and reinvent

Ditch the hassle of your conventional petticoat (long underskirt) and replace it with a pair of fitted pants or trousers. This style offers more comfort and a greater freedom of movement, making it ideal for occasions where you need to be more active. With the saree draped gracefully over the pants and the pallu flowing elegantly, this innovative fusion of traditional and modern fashion has garnered popularity for its versatility and chic appeal. Plus, it adds a touch of effortless style to any saree.