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Process of Selling the House and Points to Consider

One of the most difficult times or let’s say tedious times that people have to go through is selling a property and also buying a property. Right from searching for a buyer to the execution of the sale deeds, one needs to put extreme caution to get the best deals. So, there are certain primary steps that one has to take when selling a property. The first and foremost step is to make a proper estimation of the property. You can do a self-evaluation of the property or get an external source to find out the same i.e., the true value of the property. One of the yardsticks to arrive at the proper rate can be the prevailing market rate in the area for similar properties or houses.

Find a Buyer – 

If you are like Sell House Fast San Diego then another thing that you need to do is find out a buyer. It is also important to know that you should not threaten or frighten the buyer by asking for too much money for the house. Once you arrive at a deal with the buyer, it is equally important that you check the credential of the buyer and check the background, reliability, and financial capabilities of the buyer. Next, you should be able to talk to the governing body i.e., you should talk with the supervisor of the housing society that you intend to sell the property. Plus, it is important that you get a NOC (no objection certificate) for the same.

Legal Work – 

Next, you have to check all the legal documentation of the property and also fix an appointment with the sub-registrar so that you can get the property fixed in the name of the purchaser. Both you and the buyer need to be present on the day of execution of the sale deed. And, the following documents are needed for selling your house to the buyer they are as follows –

Letter of allotment – 

A letter of allotment is that letter that reads that you are allotting i.e. finally handing over the house or the property to the buyer who purchased the property from you i.e. seller. You are finally handing over the keys after full payment and documentation work.

Previous sale deeds – 

If there are any previous sale deeds, in case you are not the first buyer of the property, then even that is needed. Through this method, the property title chain can be traced. A property that has a clear title and all clear documentation always has a high price. Another important document that is needed is previous agreements and along with that the original receipts of the registration, and the original letter of allotment that was handed over to you by the developer or the builder. Original sale deeds are important in every case.

Then, other important things are a copy of the sanctioned plan with approved building plan and OC i.e. occupation certificate by the local authority, and important documents like encumbrance certificate and sale agreement are also equally important for selling a house fast in San Diego.

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