Pandemic and Complete Wellness – Important Insights by Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach

Pandemic and Complete Wellness – Important Insights by Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach

The pandemic impacted life adversely for all citizens of the United States. They had endured underlying mental stress since March of 2020. And now, after a year and a half, the Delta Variant once again has caused nations the world over to endure updates of mass amounts of infection.  Once again, fear has become palpable.  No one knows when the new pandemic curve will flatten, allowing people to re-resume their normal life course. This apprehension has once again brought upon the wider public the mental-health issues that posed one of the more serious consequences of the initial round of infection.

Insights by Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach

Wellness includes physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our lives. Hence, it was necessary to attend to these aspects of life to stay well. Here today, as in the past, one can count on the required guidelines:

  1. Taking care of physical wellness

Our routines were disrupted due to the sudden pandemic outbreak. None of us were used to stay at home for prolonged times. Hence, it took on a great toll for physical health. For this, experts highly recommended the value of home-based exercise regiments, including brisk walks outside the house, or zoom based yoga and aerobics classes.  And in the nutrition sector, nutritionists talked only of the need to nourish oneself with healthy foods, from all good groups.

Taking care of mental wellness

With the pandemic came stressors and anxiety inducing scenarios as never before.  Lockdowns and subsequent stay-at-home orders made one feel dejected, apprehensive about the future, and fearful for mental wellness. Hence, it became essential to concentrate on the moment, to focus on the things that one was able to do daily to remedy the new normal. And for this, it was essential to train one’s mind.  To those willing to try new ways, meditation was a great help.  It enabled one to find a calm space within, and to make ones self-feel grounded. There were many “how-to’s” that taught the practice of chanting along with meditation all aimed at the goal of feeling centered.   And finally, the all-consuming reality of life having changed, perhaps forever, that was necessary to remain positive.

Taking care of emotional wellness

Our overall wellness depends on how stable we feeling emotionally. And a crisis like the pandemic carried the possibility that anyone would be susceptible to emotionally instability. Hence, it became necessary to resort to ways that will help us manage our emotions better. One of the best ways was to confide in your near and dear ones, feeling open to express fears and extreme emotions.  Journal writing expanded exponentially.  And learning to manage negative emotions, and the willingness to seek professional online counsel became commonplace

According to Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach many people sought relief and balance during this trying time. For this, it became necessary to attend to one’s physical, emotional, and mental wellness.

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