Most performing banner ad sizes


    It is essential, if you are going to invest money into Google Ads, that you be aware of the banner and size combinations that produce the most number of impressions, clicks, and purchases.

    There are different categories of banners for example Google ad banners and feather banners, tears, and a parade. All these categories of banners are used for the same purpose. The following is a list of some of the most used banner ad sizes;

    1. Medium rectangle

    Because it takes up the least amount of space possible on a web page, this particular variant of banner advertisement is the most space-efficient choice among all of these alternatives. When it is inserted into the body of a piece of text or when it is saved for the conclusion of an article, it functions exceptionally effectively. Since of its small size, advertisers love it because it is easy to display. Additionally, this factor contributes to its popularity. On the other hand, if you are just starting out with display advertisements, this is an excellent choice for you to make.

    1. Large rectangle

    Even while this banner ad size does not receive as many hits as the first one, it is still a popular choice among advertisers. Because it’s similar to the medium rectangle, it functions best when it’s placed within textual information or at the end of a post. This is because it’s similar to the medium rectangle. Because it is a little bit larger than the 300×250 ad size, it indicates that you will have more ad inventory available to you.

    1. Leader board

    Because it is typically located in a prominent location at the very top of a web page, this sort of banner advertisement is referred to by its name. This is a fantastic choice to think about if you want as many people as possible to see your advertisement, which is the goal of the previous option. When text and picture advertising are enabled, you not only gain additional ad inventory but also have the potential to raise the amount of money you make. It is recommended by Google that forum websites use this banner ad size.

    1. Large skyscraper

    In spite of the name, the size of this particular kind of banner advertisement does not take up more than one-half of a page. Nevertheless, in comparison to the other huge banner sizes, it needs the greatest room to accommodate itself. As a result, as an advertiser, you have a great deal more wiggle room to get your message heard than you did before. However, this comes with the pressure of trying to design attractive visuals that attract people to your banner ad and encourage them to click on it.

    1. Mobile leader board

    The very name of this type of advertisement gives away the fact that it was designed specifically with mobile platforms in mind. Even though it is one of the lowest mobile banner sizes that are currently accessible, you should absolutely make advantage of it as a strategy to increase the number of click-through rates on mobile devices.

    Wrapping up

    Online banner advertisements can be effective; however, for them to be successful, you will need to target your audience, design your advertisements, utilize attention-grabbing headlines, add links to your promotions, target your advertisements, and ensure that your advertisements remain visible.

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