Make Mearth E-Scooter Part of Your Lifestyle Choice in 2023

Make Mearth E-Scooter Part of Your Lifestyle Choice in 2023

Deep inside everyone, there is a desire to be known and recognized as a separate and distinct individual. 

As with clothes and shoes, accessories have been creatively put together to form distinct designs that appeal to different customers. The versatility in the designing of electric scooters today is by no means a one-off inclination. For sure, you, as a prospective buyer of an electric scooter, are bound to find one that you will fall in love and love. (Check out for more details)

Australia’s retail market, whether on line or in-store, is flooded with scores of electric scooters. Well, there are different types and some come in various styles, though not all, as they say, are “created equal” especially when it comes to quality. Original brands as well as fakes, clones, unbranded, defective ones are out there luring, and waiting to be picked up by unsuspecting, potential hopeful owners. 

Remember that your electric scooter will become an extension of your own image, your unique self, whether it is urban, retro, practical, purely functional, sophisticated, minimalist, or cool to the eyes. 

By and large, electric scooters are the most environmentally-friendly and affordable (depending on one’s budget) personal means of transport readily available in the market today. There is a homegrown brand in Australia that was established in 2015. Mearth, a popular and well-loved brand is known to be first class, premium, durable, reliable, and superior quality. Add to that, environment-friendly. As Australia’s premier e-scooter developer and manufacturer producing locally-designed, top-tier, top-performing e-scooter brands in various e-scooter ranges that cater to different types of commuters who have different needs.

But let’s stick to the categories first. The three basic categories: the entry level e-scooter for the starting out or beginner, the commuter city e-scooter that is ideal for those who already know how to ride one, the long-range electric scooter which is great for the more experienced riders, and the on-and-off-terrain, heavy duty electric scooter which is perfect for experienced riders who have an adventurous streak, love the great outdoors, thrill seekers who crave for nature escapes. 

Highly sought after, the Mearth GTS Max model can go smoothly and make your ride superbly comfortable even on uneven jagged paths and hilly terrain or downhill, and as fast up to and reach a range of up to 70 kph with little effort. Impressive! You save a lot too, no need for fuel, maintenance, tune up services and expensive insurance. 

Exciting features

Newer upgrades boast of exciting features as well. Highlighting Mearth’s top-notch, top-performing electric scooters like the S, S Pro, RS, RS Pro models are its compact, portable features, including its foldability, which means it can be easily folded in seconds. This is one highly desirable feature that makes all of Mearth’s dynamic e-scooters a cut above the rest of its competitors. 

With a click, these electric scooters fold easily and quickly in seconds, ready either for storage in a small space at home or under the office desk. It also fits nifty inside the car’s trunk so you can take it with you in between trips, or you can easily carry it and bring it inside a public transport and later unfold it, again very quickly, and you’re off to ride it on your last mile journey.

Talk about speed and range! The popular and well-loved Australian brand Mearth RS and RS Pro long-range e-scooters have a default speed of 25kph each but can both go up to 40kph. Regarding range, the RS can reach up to 65km while the RS Pro can reach up to 80-100km range. For 2023, it even gets better with the upgrade – all ready for long-range e-scooter action, even as it conscientiously complies with Australia’s road rules and traffic regulations.

Another awesome advantage is its hot, swappable batteries. Just unbeatable! For those who previously experienced getting stranded and some frustration, having to cut your travel too soon, having a sturdy, fully charged extra battery as back up, helps you to enjoy the thrill of your ride, going the extra mile and beyond – without worrying of stopping too early on your trip. It is really a huge plus!

That’s not all! This year, why not try something curiously exciting like, adding pizzazz to it by transforming your e-scooter as something chic, hip, truly personal, in addition to its functional features. You can pretty much choose Mearth RS Pro long-range e-scooter model for added breezy extended range, with a dash of neon color that your creative mind can imagine, with helmets to match. Mearth also offers preppy stylish, colorful helmets to match with your e-scooter. 

On getting a ‘must’ accessory, you can opt to buy side mirrors (hopefully it doesn’t jut out like a Harley). You can add LED lights on the the platform where you stand on, called the deck. Gilding the deck with LED lights add not just style but added visibility to the e-scooter, especially when riding at night or on dimly lit roads

Mearth e-scooters use rubberised decks for better grip and its decks usually measure 14” x 5”, which is just wide enough to place your feet.  

You may also like to jazz up your Mearth e-scooter, and make it look like it’s straight out of the seventies, a retro. With a bit of spray paint, dash some modern metallic design on to the stem. With so many people everywhere going crazy over electric scooters, preferably the Mearth brand, it’s just practical to want to save money while getting the most out of one’s e-scooter, while enjoying the ride as well.

Why choose an electric scooter that distinguishes your lifestyle choice?

The benefits to owning a scooter are clear. There is no money outlay for fuel, insurance is cheaper, it’s fun to ride, really environment-friendly, easy to park, and simple to navigate and maneuver. You just charge the battery and off you go, with no need to stop and refuel. No worrying too about getting caught in heavy traffic because you can ride around the congestion with ease.

Happy conclusion

One look at the proud, happy faces of Mearth e-scooter owners and immediately you can see how proud they are for their purchase. They enjoy every opportunity to ride it, somewhere and anywhere. And yes, they do get a natural high and a dose of good health too. Just imagining the almost effortless way of going to work – no distress about traffic, no anxiety about having to park in public, as well as basking in the refreshing open air and fresh morning natural (Vit.D) sunlight, already gives anyone a nice feeling as they start their day. 

To sum it up, buying an electric scooter is a lifestyle choice you won’t regret. Just don’t get carried away and immediately buy either a fake or clone brand, unbranded in the black market, or grab those online promos.We don’t want you to be sorry later.

You’ll also appreciate the confidence of not contributing to the serious environmental problem that our planet is heavily burdened with already today. Mearth Technology, a socially responsible manufacturing company is a proudly Australian homegrown brand and maker of top-tier, sturdily-built, superior performance electric scooters, in particular the entry level commuter S Series, the long-range RS Series, all with impressive upgrades, and the on-and-off-terrain, heavy duty GTS Evo Series 2023. (visit for more information on latest specs).

All things considered, it is without a doubt a wise, practical and sensible choice in today’s environment to make an electric scooter an important part of your lifestyle. With the rising costs of fuel, high greenhouse emissions, and traffic bottlenecks, you will definitely not regret making and taking a different course, it will define your choice as something that is relevant to your way of life. Once you take a look at the manifold features of an original, Australia’s well-admired and popular models, one lingering look and you will fall in love – at first sight.