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Major Technical Writing Mistakes You Should Avoid


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Be it in the university or the workplace, most of us have confronted the nightmare of writing a technical paper in our lives at some point in time. 

Many of us have written these papers without realizing it is technical. This could be one of the reasons that the writing falls short of the standards expected of technical writing. 

An average professional in the industry is sure to understand the basic norms of forming sentences, writing articles and punctuation. But writing a technical paper demands much more finesse and organization.

Here is a list of mistakes to avoid while drafting your next technical paper. 

  1. Poor Structure

Whether it is an academic paper you are attempting, drafting a user manual for a new machine, or drafting a patent application, a well-thought-out structure for the document is very important. 

A chaotic paper is bound to leave its reader confused and clueless about the content. 

Before starting the drafting process, have a clear outline of the flow of your paper. 

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  1. Not Minding the Language Complexity

Language complexity should be decided by keeping in mind your readers. The terms you use while catering to an average reader are different from the ones you use in a paper written exclusively for researchers working in the field. 

When writing for the common reader, always keep your language simple and easily understandable. Your readers will love you for it.

  1. Juggling with Jargon 

If you’re writing a technical paper for industry experts, you’ve got to use the right terminology for the sake of conciseness and accuracy.

But if the target audience is the common reader, as in the case of technical writing for website content, then make sure to keep the jargon at bay. 

The technical terms and abbreviations you tend to use will easily be eligible for professional readers but for the majority of others, it will be a frustrating and complex experience to try and grasp what is written. 

  1. Information Overload 

Just because you are well-versed and knowledgeable in that topic does not mean you have to put every little detail you know into the paper. 

An overflow of information can be overwhelming for the receiver. 

Again, the reader group targeted should be kept in mind and information should be imparted adhering to their needs. 

Remember that friend you always tend to avoid at parties because he keeps immersing you in every minute detail of the software you barely know? 

You do not want to be that friend for your readers!

  1. Haphazard Page-layout 

A proven way to enhance the readability of a technical paper is by breaking it into sections and subsections. 

While outlining the structure, make sure to divide the article into various headings and subheadings. Long sentences and paragraphs tend to be visually unappealing and boring for the reader. 

Another way to reinforce and grasp the attention of your reader is by adding visual graphics to support your text. Pie charts, graphs and bar diagrams can all be integrated into the article, making it easier to understand and retain your readers’ attention. 


By following a few tips, you can go a long way in improving your technical writing skills and producing effective compelling technical essays. 

However, to excel in writing or to hone any other skill, the right attitude is necessary. 

If you believe the paper is crucial and are willing to put in every little bit of effort, then you most certainly can be an excellent writer. 

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