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Know these expert tips if you want to have a bathroom design and renovation business


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You have a bathroom design and renovation business. May be you are considering opening a business soon. To start or to gain success, you must understand the fundamentals. After the bedrooms, bathrooms are one of the main rooms in a house. Therefore, it is of great importance that attention is paid to both construction and possible maintenance and renovations.

What is needed for reform?

The first step to make a bathroom renovation or design is to be careful, so that you execute it in a way that brings only benefits without making mistakes. Thanks to the best online bathroom design software, you can flawlessly design your modern bathroom without making any mistake in real time.

Needs study

It is important to make a study of everything that should be done, with the needs and problems that the current bathroom presents. Gather all the improvements you want to make, from the most basic and aesthetic to those that promotes a better and more efficient use of resources.

Project planning

After gathering all the information, it is time to set up a renovation project, which will exemplify all the changes that will be made in the bathroom and how it should look at the end of the renovation.

Expert bathroom remodeling tips

To help you get as many positive results as possible with the execution of planned renovations, we bring you some expert recommendations.

Check the condition of the bathroom

The first thing to look out for in a bathroom renovation is the condition the bathroom is in, whether it has leaks, leaks in walls and floors, or any other problems that may arise.

Pay attention to rules and regulations

There may be specific rules that regulate the changes that may or may not be made. It is necessary to confirm with the property owner the times when the work can be carried out. Talking to neighbors is crucial to avoid disagreements.

Define the style your bathroom will have

To define the renovation style in a modern bathroom, it is necessary to define the harmony between materials and design of the bathroom. Its style should be harmonious with the rest of the house, even if particularities are added. Download Foyr Neo 3D bathroom design software, and be amazed with your creativity.

Coating and colors

It is time to define the color scheme that the bathroom will follow, besides what type of coating will be used. Where the color scheme will follow the style of the rest of the house, however it can also give a special feel to the room. Bathroom flooring is another point to pay attention to, acrylic and epoxy paints are widely used.


Lighting is another element that gives a new life to the environment, whether it is direct lighting with ceiling lamps or indirect lighting with lamps in crown moldings and mirrors. However, its application must be carefully studied.

Plants and decoration

When carrying out a bathroom renovation, it has become increasingly common to insert decorations such as plants, which can give the environment a better aroma and texture.


A concept that has gained more and more fans is minimalism, where you have a style with the minimum of elements. This style promotes cleaner environments with a greater focus on textures and shapes over colors and objects.

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