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    It is no secret to anyone that more and more we have weaknesses when browsing the Internet, simply because cybercriminals are more astute to be able to obtain relevant information about the victim user, hence we see more users using virtual private network systems. A free VPN for Windows provides us with additional security while we explore the infinite content online.

    The problem is that as there are so many systems and tools, it is usually difficult to find the one that meets our basic needs, but which in turn is easy for anyone to use without being an expert computer technician. For this reason we wanted to comment on a very good tool that you will surely like because of the simplicity and efficiency in the VPN service that it offers us and with unlimited free features that very few applications on the market offer.

    We are talking precisely about iTop VPN, it is a great VPN for PC that allows us to set up a virtual private network, with which we will be able to encrypt our Internet traffic with military grade encryption. By using it, we can also hide our IP address from hackers and trackers.

    This simple but powerful tool protects our privacy and security of the data that we usually transmit while we browse the Internet, thus offering a more security layer than those who browse directly.

    This free VPN for Windows is so simple that you just have to click on the Connect button, and then you will connect with the fastest and most stable virtual private network automatically. For less experienced users, the app will come in handy since they will not need of spending hours learning how to use it. The same tool provides you with several global network servers so that you have the possibility to choose the one you really need, totally misleading any hacker from your true location.

    You can also activate the function of starting iTop VPN just when you start browsing, so then you have the security of always protecting your privacy more carefully, that in these times it is appreciated to be safe while browsing and doing online transactions. To do this, you will only need to automatically select the fastest network protocol by default within the application. Although you always have the option to manually select the specific network protocol according to your needs.

    The Basic protocol will provide high-level privacy protection for most users. The UDP_K protocol will provide a faster speed but with more data usage for special occasions. With the “IP Checker”, you can verify your IP information in real time to avoid leaking your privacy. If your connection drops unexpectedly, Kill Switch will disable the internet to protect your private data.

    With an iTop VPN account, you can connect to the free server for a fast and stable virtual private network, being able to enjoy private access to any website from anywhere.

    Its main characteristics summarized in list mode are the following:

    Free VPN with unlimited access

    Military grade encryption

    Global proxy servers

    Unlimited bandwidth

    No registration policies

    Specific network protocols

    Dedicated servers for social service

    Verification of your IP address in real time

    One account to support multiple devices

    24/7 technical support

    So we invite you to try it because data security in the network today is very important. If you want to try iTop VPN there is a free version of VPN available.

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