iPhone Won’t Turn On. iPhone Repair in Vancouver or DIY Fix?


    iPhones sometimes do not turn on, which is a common issue that any iPhone user can face. You may press your iPhone Power button but only see a black screen. iPhone may not respond to your command or show only the Apple logo and turn it off. You can take your smartphone to a credible shop for iPhone repair in Vancouver. However, you can follow some tips to start your iPhone in advance.


    3 Reasons Why Your iPhone Will Not Start:-


    Here are the three reasons why your iPhone will not start:


    1. Software Is Corrupt or Crashed: If the software is the issue, you must reset your software with a forced restart. If it fails, you have to restore your phone to default factory settings.


    1. Battery Has No Charge: The battery may have some power left if you see even a blank screen on your iPhone. Again, it means your iPhone software has crashed.


    1. iPhone Has a Hardware Issue: If your iPhone hardware has a fault, it may not help your iPhone recharge. In the case of a hardware fault, you have to follow a series of steps to restore your iPhone to normal.


    What Can You Do to Turn On Your iPhone?

    You can do the following to deal with the problem, iPhone will not turn on:


    1. Do a Forced Restart: Apple recommends a forced restart based on your iPhone model if it does not turn on. Here are different ways of forced restarting different iPhone models:


    • Press Volume Up Button and Release It Instantly.
    • Press Volume Down Button and Release It Instantaneously.
    • Press and Hold the Side Button Until You See the Apple icon on the Screen.


    1. Recharge Your iPhone: If a forced restart does not serve you any value, you should recharge your battery. Here are the steps to follow to recharge your iPhone battery:


    1. Ensure that the cable is connected properly to a power source.
    2. Clean the charging port of an iPhone.
    3. Utilize a top-notch connection cable.
    4. Check your USB (Universal Serial Bus) jack.


    1. Back up iPhone Data: If a forced restart or recharging of your phone battery does not help, start backing up your data. You can conveniently back up your iPhone data to a computer, iTunes, or iCloud using Apple guidelines. The backup data will help you when software corruption causes your iPhone to crash again.
    2. Hardware Problems: If you think hardware is causing your iPhone not to start again, you can opt for iPhone repair in Vancouver. The two most common problems for iPhone to suffer hardware damage include the display and liquid damage.


    1. Reset Your iPhone to Default Factory Settings: If your iPhone does not turn on, you can also try restoring your iPhone to Factory Default Settings. Before you restore your iPhone to factory settings, make sure to back up your iPhone data. Restoring the iPhone to its original settings may work for you. However, if this method fails, you must pay a visit to a credible iPhone repair shop for the fix.



    iPhone will not turn on is a common problem that iPhone users can face. One solution to resolve this problem is to visit a cell phone repair shop for iPhone repair in Vancouver. iPhone may not turn on owing to three reasons: Software crash, battery not charged, and hardware fault. You may opt for forced restart, proper battery recharge, or factory reset options to turn on your iPhone. Nonetheless, if you have no choice, you have to visit an iPhone repair shop for the fix. But back up your phone first. Lastly, opt for Apple repair instead of third-party repair to fix if your iPhone is under warranty and vice versa.


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