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Introduction of a sponsored visa for parents for Australia

Do you want to spend a great year with your children in Australia? Then the sponsored temporary visa for Australia is an excellent way to do that. This visa has been introduced just now and has been a ray of hope for parents because it allows you to spend 5 years in Australia. 

5 years is a long time in which you can completely discover Australia. You can be in every part of Australia. You can go to the Sydney Opera House which is one of the most monumental attractions of Australia. This Opera House has various shells in it’s structure and is also included in the UNESCO world heritage sites. The structure is engulfed by water on all sides except the Royal Botanic Gardens on one side. Sydney Opera House has become a legend of Australia and every year eight million people visit this place. Beautiful on the outside, this place has amazing performances held every year. 1.2 million visitors throng this place to see these artistic wonders. 

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Limit on this visa and eligibility 

15,000 seats have been reserved for this visa. The application phase for this visa will be from 1st July to 30th June every year. The limit of 15,000 has been set because the government does not want to spend much on the older population. The government wants to invite a younger population as compared to older people. The government plans to adhere strictly to the limit for this visa.  

To be eligible for this visa, you need to be eligible in the following ways:

  • The concerned person must get his/her child approved as a sponsor 
  • After the sponsor has been approved to, its better to lodge the application for this visa within 6 months of getting the approval for the sponsorship. 
  • As a sponsor, you can sponsor your parents/parents-in-law as per the requirements of this visa. The sponsor must have taken any loan from the Australian government.
  • The candidate must have health insurance to ensure that expenses for any unforeseen expenses are paid
  • As a temporary visa holder, you cannot get the benefits of Medicare. Therefore, any excess of costs apart from the insurance cover which are incurred by you in healthcare, are your responsibility.  

You can get the Overseas Working Health Cover to pay for your medical costs in Australia. The OVHC policy ensures that your costs incurred to hospitals are completely met. To cover private doctor’s costs, you need a General Treatment Cover. However, you still need to pay some expenses incurred to private doctors yourself.  Make sure your OVHC policy has provision for the prior illness.

 You can also apply for a permanent parent visa while you are on this visa in Australia. 

You can get help from the immigration experts of Nile Migration and get selected for this visa. Start applying as soon as possible with our help as the application for this visa is about to open from 1st July 2019.  

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