How to Use OCR PDF Feature


Thanks to the development of technology and especially artificial intelligence taking a prominent place in the lives of users, the creation of documents in digital format has become widespread. For a material to be displayed as a digital document, it must be transferred to a digital form. Document digitization processes, which are performed by taking a photo of a concrete existing document, are a method that users have used for many years. However, the quality of the document produced in such conversion processes is not very high. The OCR PDF feature is a need for users because it performs the process in seconds.

What is the OCR PDF Feature?

OCR PDF online operation is a feature offered to users by online PDF editors. Therefore, a person who wants to take advantage of this feature should prefer an online PDF editor platform that offers services in this area. OCR PDF tool is basically a feature that allows you to transfer documents to digital format in the best way.

How It Works

OCR technology or OCR-supported technology is the process by which any document can be converted into a field that can be edited online by scanning. The scanning process in question is performed automatically by OCR technology. In this regard, the only action that the user has to do is to create the necessary link for the scanning process of the document.

You can start taking advantage of the OCR PDF feature by following these steps:

  1. Choose an online PDF editor that supports OCR
  2. Login to the PDF editor platform
  3. Find the Tools section on the menu
  4. Choose the OCR PDF tool
  5. Start converting your file into a digital document

Using the OCR PDF feature through the steps listed above becomes a service provided quite simply. On the other hand, although it is a simple tool to use, the OCR PDF online process brings with it many benefits.

What Are The Benefits of OCR PDF Technology?

As we mentioned above, it is necessary to take advantage of the infrastructure of a platform that supports this technology in order to perform online OCR PDF processing. Online PDF editors usually meet this infrastructure. Some of the benefits that taking advantage of the OCR PDF free feature provides to PDF editing processes are as follows:

  • Saving time
  • Comfort and practicality in the document editing process
  • High-quality prepared digital documents

Online PDF editors, which offer users a tool option in order to get the best OCR PDF online service, make the PDF editing process extremely efficient through other tools they offer. In addition, some errors that may be caused by human error are also prevented thanks to the AI-powered infrastructure.  After answering the ‘How to use OCR PDF?’ question, we can finally share our list of the 5 Best OCR Supported Online PDF Editors 2024 that we can recommend for you!

The Best 5 Online PDF Editors Offer OCR PDF Tool 2024

5 online PDF editors where you can choose the Best Decr PDF service among them:

  1. GoPDF

GoPDF OCR PDF tool, which is very useful for performing OCR conversion-free transactions, is accessible to everyone thanks to the platform’s free usage rights. In addition, it is possible to use other tools in the editing process simultaneously with the OCR PDF online process. To do this, just click on the ‘Start Editing’ button on the platform. It is extremely easy to perform OCR PDF operation with GoPDF, which offers an online PDF editor without a registration option.

  1. PDF24

It is quite easy to take advantage of the OCR PDF feature through PDF24, one of the online PDF editing platforms that offers services for free. There is no login requirement to use the site that offers the document upload process with the choose files or drop drag options.

  1. Expert PDF

Expert PDF, which makes it possible to edit and share the converted document with other people thanks to OCR technology, aims to offer OCR technology to its users, especially to avoid spelling mistakes that occur during the conversion process.

  1. iLovePDF

iLovePDF, which provides the search and replacement process in a PDF file, offers a simple and convenient service in terms of OCR technology.

  1. SodaPDF

The SodaPDF platform, which offers the privileged process of creating text from images, aims to provide the OCR PDF service with a high accuracy rate. Thus, it makes it easier to access the existing text before editing not only the documents contained in the text version but also the documents enriched with images.