How To Remove Pictures From Google Search In No Time

Google image search works exactly like the regular text search. It filters through millions of potential matches and identifies images with tags, saved names, and visuals uploading to websites matching your search. In terms of image searches, it is the most comprehensive picture search option online. It also means that anyone can post an image of you or your business and, if it is tagged and titled properly, it may come up whenever someone performs a picture search of you. That can be great if the images are beneficial, but in other instances, it can potentially hinder your business. The images may be less than desirable. As a business owner, it is important to take advantage of an Internet reputation management service to find these images before they become widespread and remove them ahead of others seeing the images. But if you have come across images on Google you would like removed from Google Search, here are the instructions Google has provided to help you do exactly that. 

Removing Images From Google

First, Google recommends contacting the individual who posted it. If it is a business or other website you can select the “Contact Us” option and request them to remove the image. If the picture is of you or your business and they don’t have the rights you can simply ask them to remove it and, ideally, they will remove the images. 

If they do not respond to your reply you can contact the hosting company (the host that houses the website). Perform a “Whois” search by going to Google and search “whois” (insert the website name you’re attempting to contact into the area of the search). This will show you the hosting company. From there, try to contact the host and request the image to be removed. 

Contact Google

Perhaps that method is not offering any results, or you don’t want to talk to the people hosting the image. In that case head over to the “Request Removal” option on Google, scroll down to “Step 2” and choose “Request removal of a deleted image from Google Search.” You’ll want to copy the URL of the image, then click on the “Request removal” button. 

From there, choose “New Request,” followed by “Image.” Here you’ll enter in the copied URL address and then click “Submit.” You may be asked to enter a reason why the image needs to be removed. Provide a reason and complete the process. 

Asking For Help

Staying on top of the remove images from Google search feature can be a challenge, especially if you have to stay on top of Google. Google can be extremely helpful when you actually reach them, but it is often tricky to actually connect with a live person over at Google. While you wait your online reputation might drop. That is why you need a reputation station manager who can do all of this for you. With the help of a service provider like Internet Reputation, the power will be returned to your hands. Instead of attempting to go at it alone, give the team at Internet Reputation an email or call at your earliest convenience. 

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