How to Prepare Your Water Pump for Winter


    When winter approaches and the temperatures outside begin to drop, you may need to start thinking about winterizing your water pump. Preparing your pumps before the onset of winter keeps them from freezing when the temperatures outside drop below freezing points. When water freezes, it also expands. This could spell disaster for your pump because it could get damaged as the ice expands.

     You should expect cracks and severe damage in case you fail to winterize your pump. If it is serving shallow wells, fountains, or ponds, this is especially crucial. The Winterization of these pumps adds to their longevity, as much as it prevents them from freezing. Here is how you can prepare your water pump for winter.

    Insulating the pipes

    When the water in your pump freezes, it expands, and this causes the pipes to plug with ice. Sometimes the ice could split them, which then causes leakage. High-quality water pumps from PumpBiz are made to last, and you should take the necessary measures to keep them in excellent working condition. To prevent freezing, you need to insulate your outdoor piping. One of the best insulations to use is a closed-cell foam. 

    This insulation also keeps the water out. This prevents it from becoming saturated with water, which may make it ineffective. When purchasing the insulation for your piping, ensure that it covers the outdoor pipes’ entire length. Also, make sure that you install the insulation properly to prevent any pipes from remaining exposed. If you are not good at insulating it yourself, hire a plumber. They fix the insulation well in a way that it can be removed and reused in the future.

    Covering the pump

    An easy tip to keep your outdoor water pump during winter is to cover it up. You can improvise by using a warm blanket then covering it with plastic on top. Alternatively, you could purchase a cover in the size that will fit your pump. Choosing an appropriate size will ensure no gaps are exposing your pump to the harsh winter weather. These covers are insulated and usually resemble rocks. The insulating covers are put over the top of the pump. Before making any purchase, do adequate research to get the best quality.

    Allowing the faucets to drip

    This unusual tip can help you keep the water in the pump from freezing when temperatures drop to sub-zero. When you find out the temperatures will be extremely low, you should proceed to turn on your faucets. It causes water to drip slightly, which leaves room for warmer water to come up through the pipes. Generally, it keeps your pipes and pumps from freezing. If you intend to be away from home, consider leaving your heat system on. It will maintain the temperatures above freezing point, which will subsequently keep your pipes from freezing.

    Apart from saving you time and money, these tips will ensure that your water pump does not freeze during winter. It will also extend your pump’s life.

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