How to Prepare Your Company to Sell

Whether you are wanting a change in lifestyle or simply a change in career, if you are a business owner you may want to consider selling your company.

For lifetime entrepreneurs, you have delt for years in sales and marketing however, never thought about preparing your company to sell. Here is a simple guide to help you optimize your time as a business owner and navigate putting your company up for sale.

Complete a Business Evaluation

Before putting your company on the market formally it is important to complete a business valuation. By undergoing an analysis of your business before putting it onto the market you can fully understand your company’s position in a possibly oversaturated market.

You will be able to best gauge offers once you use this valuation to determine value. A business valuation allows you to see your business’s strengths and weaknesses and position yourself to produce a profit from putting your company on the market.

Organize Your Small Business Financials

Throughout your time as a business owner, you want to ensure that your finances and books are kept in order. During the selling process, these finances and statements are how potential buyers gauge the value of their investment.

You can enlist the help of a financial advisor to help you organize formal financial statements such as tax returns, inventory, and profit projections. When selling your company, your tax and other financial obligations will be changing as well so it is important to understand how to manage your financial future.

Boost Your Sales

In order to acquire the attention of many potential buyers, you should remain fully invested in your company’s success throughout the sale period. While your company is on the market you need to make a consorted effort to boost your sales to make your company appear more desirable.

Find a Business Broker

Through local referrals, you can find a business broker to act as your guide as you post your company for sale. Your business broker can help you secure a good bid on your company and manage all of the formal paperwork and licensing for sale.

Meet With Potential Buyers

When you are selling your company you can communicate with your broker to determine how involved you want to be in the selling process.

Although you are stepping away from your company after the sale you may want to know the potential buyer’s intent before confirming a sale. Take your time to find a buyer who you trust with your company with a sizable bid that checks all of your boxes as a seller.

Take Control and Prepare Your Company to Sell

Once you have accepted a bid from a qualified buyer it’s just a matter of filing official paperwork. The selling process can be difficult to navigate however by following these simple steps you can easily prepare your company to sell.

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