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How to Make Money with AI Art Generator Tools: A Beginner’s Guide


AI is the future! It has been emerging as a huge and impactful tool in the world, we have seen so many changes throughout the years that made the statement that supports the vision of AI being the future and it will bring development in this digital era. From AI technology getting used in making different software to getting benefits using AI systems in cyber security, ChatGPT has changed the whole algorithm of how the digital world works where it making everything so easy and reachable to everyone that if you ask ChatGPT “Write My Assignment For Me” it will generate response and will write it and give it to you within seconds and to getting art generated from it. 

Since the birth of AI people around the globe are getting benefited from it, and they bring money home from this revolutionary system. It can make your imagination come to reality, it can do work rapidly and as fast as no human can do. Specialists have made tools and presented them to the world who can generate not only solutions to multiple problems but also generate dollars as much.

What is AI Art?

We see something incredible on the internet daily in which we can see beautiful pictures and sceneries created by AI. “Just as photography replaced painting in the reproduction of reality, AI will replace photography,” Eldagsen wrote in a description. This statement gives you an idea of how technology can make art into such a form that people often get confused if the art that is generated by the AI or a human being captured it.

Eldagsen is an artist who created a masterpiece and won the World Photography Organization’s Sony World Photography Awards for a piece titled The Electrician. The interesting thing is that he didn’t capture the shot nor did someone realize he created the art using AI tools, that’s how powerful and meaningful art AI can generate.

You can also get multiple benefits from this incredible technology and if you are thinking about how you can do this then here is the complete guide for all the beginners who want to earn using AI art-generating tools.

Simple and Artistic Ways to Earn Using AI Tools:

Here are some of the best and easy ways you can opt to generate your income, artists spend so much time creating art and putting effort into their work, and giving their best in doing what they love, but they don’t get as much revenue as other professions do, I was to write my research paper on multiple professions and found out that artists don’t get paid as much as they put efforts in their work like there are no designated salaries for them like a doctor or a teacher has, so if you are an artist and want to earn you can use these AI tools and read the following information.

AI Art Generator Tools:

Here are some tools you can utilize to create your art:

  • Bing Image Creator
  • DALL-E 2 by OpenAI
  • Dream by WOMBO
  • GetIMG
  • NightCafe
  • Deep Dream Generator
  • Artbreeder
  • Stablecog
  • DeepAI
  • StarryAI
  • CF Spark

1.     Design characters for storylines:

You can put all your imagination into this and make characters to support your idea. You can get clients who want to create characters for their projects or stories and make characters for them using AI tools and websites like AI story generators that will help you bring everything together and you can generate stories and characters and provide your services to others. Artists can sell these developed characters online for the ones that will write a series of books and use them for it.

2.  Create engaging content for websites and apps:

AI is hugely used in developing websites and apps, to make their content engaging and worth watching or visiting they create AI art, images, and all. There are so many websites online that being unique and different has become more difficult so the website and apps need to develop skills and ways to generate something new every day. You can do that for these websites and apps by creating AI art with tools. You can use the DeepDream AI tool for this purpose while there are multiple others you can find online

3.  Create logo designs and branding elements:

You can be as creative as possible in this process and make the best out of it, you can use AI tools to make logo designs and other branding elements like social media ads and other engaging materials for websites and apps or even for individuals. Logo designs are very important to grab the audience’s attention to sell brands and products, it has to bring out the message of the brand so it has to be creative and attractive. Your social media presence is also very important so you can sell your artistic services to those who need this kind of help.

4. Make posters, and prints and sell them:

It is easy as you can make it without spending your fortune on multiple resources, you can make posters and prints with AI tools and can sell them online. You could create greeting cards, gift wraps, ornaments, and other things. You can make prints for shirts and posters for yourself or others and generate a good amount of money.

5. Sell your art images on stock photo:

You can create website backgrounds, illustrations, and photos for stock image sites, you can sell your artwork on it. Websites like Shutterstock are embracing AI images giving these opportunities to artists to sell on their platforms. You can submit your created images on it and sell them.


You can use all the above-mentioned tools and use these tips to generate income it is now becoming a great part of organizations and they are hiring artists who can make and create unique art for them. But you need to be ready for it takes time and effort from artists and much as no AI art takes, it needs hard work to make and create something that someone will recognize as yours. You just need to use the right language to put in the AI tools and instructions to match your imagination.

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