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How To Install & Configure Chrome: A Comprehensive Guide

Find the Chrome download page

Download the ZIP file from this link

Sections 2 – 4: Configure Chrome, start it and finally uninstall Chrome.

Section 1: Find the Chrome download page

How to Change the Chrome Download Folder Location

As you can see, Google Chrome is available in multiple platforms, including Mac OS, Windows and Linux. This guide is based on Mac OS. The Windows option is also available but does not offer the most up-to-date version of the browser.

So let’s get started with the setup. Simply download the folder. Open a Terminal and execute the following command to launch the Chrome installation.

echo “Chrome is version 30.0.2403.73” | bc

or simply install Chrome in the following manner:

sudo bc -i ~/Downloads/chrome_installer_macosx.bundle.pkg

The above command is equivalent to:

sudo bc -i ~/Downloads/chrome_installer_windows.bundle.

Install the Chrome browser


Chrome is the latest version of Google’s open source browser. It is by far the most widely used web browser, reaching over a billion active monthly users. It offers a ton of unique features, like being able to seamlessly browse the web on a number of different devices and operating systems. In this guide, I will take you through the process of installing Chrome, configuring it, and then hopefully get you ready to go out there and get some things done.

How to Download and Install Google Chrome on Mac, PC, and iPhone

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Note: This guide was made using Chrome 58.0.2987.35.

Configure your Chrome browser

Chrome (formerly named Chrome OS) is Google’s flagship browser and the number one web browser on the planet. With the vast array of extensions and useful features this app offers, it’s a little daunting. Especially considering the many extensions out there with dubious reviews and even more questionable features. Here’s our guide on how to install and configure Chrome.

Homepage Ninja - Setting Your Custom Homepage on the Google Chrome Web Browser on a Windows Computer

I’ll go over the ins and outs of Chrome OS, including the multitude of features this apps offers. I’ll cover how to perform basic tasks such as setting up VPNs and SSH SSH tunnels. I’ll also talk about using Chrome for ‘light’ browsing and how to configure it for gaming. Lastly, I’ll cover how to set up the Steam Link to access and control games running on your Chrome browser.

Profile and sync settings

Set your default search engine

Reset cookies and history

Redirect from the desktop to mobile Chrome

Remove Safe Browsing Cops

Login & Sign Up

Once logged in, Google offers the main start page plus a few side menu options to sign in, and get started.

Side menus

Microsoft Edge 'History' and 'Open Tabs' Sync Now Options from Settings

There are a ton of side menu choices to browse through and each one offers new options.

Navigation options

Then, you will have a list of the main navigation options in the main menu. One main navigation option is Navigation and Settings.

This is where you’ll find the shortcut icons to your primary browser toolbar, browser settings and bookmarks.

Navigation Options

The Options menu will display additional search engine and settings navigation options.

Privacy and security settings

Faster page load times

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Choosing the right desktop operating system for your needs

Choosing the right desktop operating system for your needs Microsoft Windows 8.1

Microsoft Windows 10

This is Google Chrome's Friendly Privacy Settings Redesign

Chrome OS, OS X, Linux, macOS, Windows 10, and Windows 8.1 are the current desktop operating systems with most users. macOS, Windows, and Linux are commonly used in both home and business environments, while Chrome OS is the most used operating system on Chromebooks.

However, your hardware might be able to run another desktop operating system.

Advanced Settings

Google Chrome is the most popular and powerful browser. The reason for that is because it offers an unbelievable amount of power, and in order to access all of that power, it’s important that you know the ins and outs of Chrome.

Chrome is based on Chromium. That’s Google’s open source browser engine, which means that this is one of the most powerful browsers around. However, while it has a good amount of power, it doesn’t come without some features and settings that will make your experience different.

If you’d like to know how to install and configure Chrome, or you need some new settings, keep on reading for some advice.

Installing Chrome

Chrome has many different versions.

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