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How hosting ecommerce website of dedicated server helps customers?


As an e-commerce business, your main focus is to drive as much traffic to your website as possible and make sure that visitors convert into customers. You may have a perfect e-commerce store with all the necessary features to sell your products online but if you don’t host it on a fast, secure and reliable server, the process of converting visitors into customers would be quite challenging for you.

The high volume of site visitors can put a lot of pressure on your shared hosting account. They can slow down response time or crash your site altogether due to heavy load. Every e-commerce business has its own set of objectives and resources. It’s also important to note that every e-commerce platform has its kind of setup and configuration. That being said, we will discuss how hosting an e-commerce website on a dedicated server helps in improving customer experience in the next few sections:


Secure and reliable server environment

Security is the foremost priority when it comes to hosting e-commerce websites on dedicated servers. When you host your e-commerce store on a shared server, it hosts other websites as well. So, it’s very important to secure all data and information of all websites hosted on that server to ensure maximum security. When you host an e-commerce site on a dedicated windows  server or Linux dedicated server, you own the server and nobody else. 

You have full control over it and can configure server security as per your requirement. You can also choose to upgrade your server security by hiring dedicated server security services. A dedicated linux server hosting plan comes with unmanaged and managed security services. Managed security services include firewall management, intrusion detection and prevention, network monitoring, spam prevention, and virus protection. You can also install security tools such as antivirus software, malware scanners, firewall, and IDS/IPS.

Fast hosting with no lag time

Dedicated servers are built with the latest technology and come with powerful CPUs and large RAM. This enables you to host heavy-traffic websites that can drive a high volume of sales for your e-commerce business. When you host your e-commerce website on a dedicated server, you have full control over website configuration and server settings. 

You can easily configure your website for faster loading speed and lower bounce rate. You can also use CDNs such as Amazon CloudFront and MaxCDN to host your e-commerce site. CDNs are mainly used for content delivery and can dramatically improve website loading speed.

Hosted on SSD storage

Dedicated servers come with Solid State Drives (SSD) and Hard Disk Drives (HDD). SSDs are much faster than HDDs. When you host your e-commerce website on a dedicated server, you can choose to host it on HDD or SSD. If you have high expectations from your e-commerce business and want to increase sales, then you must host your website on SSD. SSD can read and write data up to 10 times faster than HDD.

So, it makes sense to host your website on SSD. Since SSD is faster than HDD, your website will get less load on server resources and will get hosted on a dedicated server. This can reduce the load on the server system and can improve website performance.

Discreet and independent service

Dedicated servers are discrete and offer complete independence. When you host your e-commerce website on a dedicated server, you are the only website hosted on that server. There is no other websites that’s hosted on that server. You get complete privacy and independence as no one else has access to your server. You can even choose to host your website on a server located in another country.

You can choose to host your website in the country where you want to get maximum sales. If you are using shared hosting, your e-commerce website will be hosted along with hundreds of other websites on a single server. So, if any website hosted on that server puts too much load on server resources or if any website goes down, it will affect your website performance as well.


Hosting your e-commerce website on a dedicated server provides a better customer experience in every way possible. With its advanced features and faster performance, it can improve customer experience in a significant manner. If you are looking forward to growing your e-commerce business and want to deliver an exceptional customer experience, then it’s advisable to host your website on a dedicated server.

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