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How effective is pedicab advertising?


If you click the link https://urbanpedicabs.com/‌‌, you’ll find useful information about pedicabs and ways to use them for your efficient advertising. This kind of marketing campaign will provide a lasting effect of the ad and result in amazing new opportunities for the business. This tiny vehicle is considered to be more helpful compared to buses and regular taxis.

Urban Sign and Print provides customers with quality printing services which can be applied to a pedicab. We can print the decals and custom vinyl lettering to promote a brand, product, or event.

Effective advertising strategy

Pedicab ad works really well. It impacts on a vast audience regardless of sex, age, status, and activities. All people walking along the streets in the center of San Diego will view these cabs and read the message printed on them. Thus, they remember the information and apply it when it is the right moment. This way to promote anything is much more affordable compared to billboards, TV, and other media. In addition, it can be a fresh marketing strategy of any company. It grabs the attention of people in it and passersby.

We’d say a couple of words of a pedicab. This is a vehicle with a two-seater cart pulled by a bicycle operated by a driver. Its wide back, sides, and canopies are capable. There is enough room to place the ad. It can be regarded as a mobile billboard which:

  1. reaches a lot of customers because it rides slowly;
  2. can boast of exotic design contributing to its popularity;
  3. creates lasting impression which will be connected with your ad;
  4. costs not too much compared to other methods;
  5. is available for a short time that is why is affordable for more people;
  6. is environmentally friendly that is why it is preferred by most people.

Our advantages

  • We provide good customer support. We are always there for you when you need us offering a dedicated manager to communicate with our every customer. He handles all issues which may happen.
  • We use eco-friendly techniques, safe and quality durable material, eco-friendly ink. We offer to choose vinyl which is better for outdoors locations or fabric for a repeated usage.
  • We offer a wide range of printing formats using modern equipment allowing us to get the product with a smooth texture.
  • We guarantee the best turnaround time. The standard terms are short, but for additional costs you can get a perfect result in a day.

Please, feel free to pay a visit to our print shop in person. The eye-to-eye communication will provide you with a more comprehensive idea of our competency and professional integrity. In our showroom you can view the samples of our work, our products and that will allow evaluating the quality.

We do our best to hear the concerns of our customers and answer the questions thoroughly. Just contact Urban Sign&Print to get more information about the pedicab‌ ‌advertising‌ in San‌ Diego‌. In particular, such ad is resulting when they hold a convention or any other event happens attracting a lot of guests to the city.

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