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Hat styling has undergone a cultural shift


Hats were a functional piece of accessories required by men when in a public setting. However, societal changes in the early 19th and 20th centuries have made hats an optional fashion component. Today, wearing classic hats is only a matter of choice. However, you have to wear it confidently and with style. If you want to create a stir, among others, you must know the best way of wearing hats. There are different options available before you in the marketplace. From fedora to Panama to baseball caps, the list never ends. The more informed you are about these categories, the better selection you can undertake.


Along with this, you must be aware of the tradition of hat-wearing. It will help you select the vintage style that goes well with the formal occasion. You must be mindful of the modern trend and fashion statements with it. 


Why the cultural shift in hat wearing? 


Irrespective of the historical situation, the hat renaissance took place in the last fifteen years. It gets attributed to television shows and the interest among Hollywood stars. More and more men started taking an interest in classic headwear. As a result, people regularly depicted headwear among the aristocratic section of society. 


If you look at traditionally styled headwear, you will see that it is very different from modern hats. You cannot be silly and unconfident when wearing these hats. Hence, you have to prepare yourself to look stylish with this headwear. Time and again, different types of headwear have cropped up in the fashion industry. You must be conscious of the pros and cons of each category so that you can mix and match different options to look versatile and stylish. 


How will you look fantastic in classic men’s headwear? 


For those individuals looking to transform their casual appeal with a classic touch, fedora and Panama hats are the best choice. Along with this, the other areas you have to look into got listed below. 


Look for a hat style that complements your face


You must pay attention to two areas. One is head size, and the second is the face shape. Every hat is not identical or equal. Hence, what fits you may not suit somebody else. Therefore, it is enough to overwhelm you. There are numerous styles of hats available in the market. You may try different sizes and shapes of caps to see which one harmonizes with your natural proposition.


Since hats naturally sit close to the face, you have to pay attention to the face shape. Hence finding headwear that looks stunning and blends with your face shape is significant. Of course, you must ensure to learn about your hat size and its related features. It is vital to wear stiff hat styles like a bowler, straw boater, etc. This headwear will not stretch and fit your head like fedoras and flat caps. 


Look at your skin tone


Another area where you must invest your time and effort is your skin tone. Only styling yourself with different hats is not the end of the game. Before purchasing the cap, you must know how it compliments your skin tone. When contemplating shades in selecting a hat that harmonizes with your face shape, you also have to look at your skin tone. Remember that the caps are not only close to your face but other elements like your skin. Hence, you must look at the hat color to ensure it blends with your skin tone.


Like medium grey and charcoal, dark color hats will be apt for individuals with light or pale skin tones. On the other hand, wearing neutral headwear is an appropriate choice for individuals with dark skin tones. Remember that you have to create a contrast that brightens up your appeal. You may try dark green or burgundy for a fashion-forward and adventurous look. You can opt for warmer colors to slightly brighten your appearance with olive skin. Hence, you can choose mustard brown hats and go for trilby. 


One shade, which goes well with any skin tone, is black. Hence, you must have at least one black color hat in your wardrobe. You can blend and match it with any attire, whether formal or informal. Black hats provide you with a distinguished appeal and complete your look with style.


Balance your outfit


After considering face shape and skin tone, the third critical area is to see how the color of the hat harmonizes with the color of the outfit. The hat shade you select must coordinate with the attire. For example, if you wear a blue and brown outfit, you can wear a brown hat. It is the safest option. If you wear a blue suit, you can pair it with a dark blue or grey hat. Moreover, blue attire goes well with grey or leather hats for men, based on the color of other accessories. It is why you have to mix and match different shades to see which one gives you a complete transformation. 

When looking at the hat color, your preferences play an essential role. Try out different hats to see which one gives you a bright and attractive appeal. Pair these with different outfits to see that it does not overpower you. In winter, you have to be extra cautious when selecting the hat. Don’t forget how the hat pairs with outerwear and not just the overcoat. You have to know the technique of pairing the accessories to see which extends your style and gives you a distinguished appeal. 


Don’t forget the weather


Season plays a very vital role in your selection of headwear. Remember that hat is not only a stylish accessory. They have a functional aspect as well. In summers, you can go for fedora and Panama hats, which are lightweight and breathable. Moreover, they fit any head size and give you a casual appeal.


On the other hand, in winter you can go for beanies. They are a winter staple. They will not only bring warmth but are comfortable at the same time. 


When selecting a hat, you must be familiar with your outfit. You must be mindful of the accessories you intend to wear. Remember that every element of your appearance must be in proper balance. Your only aim is to draw all attention towards your hat. Hence, you have to be specific when selecting headwear. 


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