Free Windows Data Recovery Software Recommendation


We consider the digital world to be the future of our modern society. And to some extent, it is true. However, we must not forget that with modernization, we are exposing our data to severe vulnerability.

Data loss is the dark side of the new digital world. And it will certainly affect every computer user in one way or another. We do have cybersecurity and backups to cope with such scenarios. But what if you’re the main reason for data loss events.

According to Statista, the major pillar of data loss are human errors. That means it is we who are responsible for most of the data loss events occurring all over the world.

Fortunately, we have a solution – data recovery software. Data recovery software is a tool powered by a complex algorithm to scan and collect all the lost data present inside the system storage devices and offer a medium to recover them all.

Best Free Data Recovery Software Recommendation

Did you lose valuable files that will take more than just a couple of days to replace? If that is the case, don’t panic. Panic will only worsen the situation.

1. iBoysoft data recovery software

This data recovery software comes with complete data recovery services. Even though it is a paid version tool, it comes with a free trial version that allows its users to enjoy some of the best premium features. With the free software, you are offered up to 1GB free data recovery, which is double compared to the other data recovery software in the list.


  • High recovery rate.
  • Secure.
  • Free 1GB data recovery.
  • Compatible with the latest OS and device.


  • No live chat but offers after-sale support.

2. Disk Drill

Without question, Disk Drill is one of the formidable data recovery software that has been in the industry for quite some time. The popularity of this software makes it the first choice among its professionals. It is developed by CleversFiles and designed to scan both internal and external hard drives.


  • Modern interface.
  • Free 500MB data recovery.
  • Fast scanning with stope/resume feature.
  • Support all file formats.


  • Lacks mobile support.

3. EaseUs

EaseUs shares its popularity with iBoysoft and is considered one and only rival in the market. EaseUs have good data recovery services, and it has hardly failed to deliver its users’ expectations. It is reliable and has the capability to recover a large number of file formats at the same time.


  • Reliable.
  • Supports more than 1000 file formats.
  • Fast deep scanning.


  • Limited free services.

4. Recuva

It is a simple data recovery software. It only focuses on recovery from simple data loss issues. Despite having limited recovery services, it certainly does a great job at what it is capable of. It mostly handles simple data recovery jobs. The biggest advantage of this software is that it offers unlimited data recovery for free.


  • Simple user interface.
  • Preview feature.
  • Unlimited data recovery.


  • Limited RAW data recovery ability.

5. PhotoRec

This software is one of the open-source software in the market. Hence, it can run basically on any operating system. Don’t go on its name. Despite its name having PHOTO, it can recover more than 300 file formats with ease. It is the best software that offers completely free services.


  • Cross-platform software.
  • Open-source.
  • Completely free.
  • Support more than 300 file formats.
  • Unlimited data recovery.


  • Lacks preview and restore all files automatically.


There you have now, you know some of the best free data recovery software. Each software has something unique to offer. Although the generic features will be the same, the performance might differ.

Our suggestion will be like all the software offers free version, why not try each and every one and see for yourself which suits you better. You are totally in a win-win situation.

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