Digitization and Storing Signatures Legally, eIDAS 2.0

Digitization and Storing Signatures Legally, eIDAS 2.0

Digitization and Qualified Electronic Archiving Docbyte Leads the Way

While digitization generally makes life easier for businesses, healthcare, insurance, financial institutions, and government sectors often experience the opposite due to legislation. Recently, the eIDAS regulations in Europe have brought about a turning point by promoting the digital transformation of these industries and providing a legal framework for electronic identification and trust services. 

Many organizations require documents with significant legal implications, such as employment contracts and mortgage loans. These documents had to be signed and stored on paper because they couldn’t be digitally preserved. Docbyte breaks through this stagnation by being the first SaaS recognized as a Qualified Trust Service Provider for Qualified Electronic Archiving and Preservation of Electronic Signatures and Seal. 

This innovation addresses a persistent problem for industries that want to primarily operate digitally for customer service but still need physical signatures to ensure legal validity. Docbyte tackles this issue by introducing the first SaaS solution fully compliant with the eIDAS regulations. 

Why are we the first? 

This certification goes beyond technology; organizational procedures, security, and legal guidelines all play a crucial role. While technology introduces new levels of integrity and authenticity for information, the organization must also demonstrate that it “breathes” digital preservation. With Docbyte’s core activity in digital archiving since 2006, it was almost natural to become a QTSP for Qualified Electronic Archiving and Long-Term Preservation of Electronic Signatures. 

“As all information exchange happens digitally, it is more important than ever to guarantee the integrity and authenticity of data and all other information. Data is the new gold, but authentic and reliable data is platinum!” – Frederik Rosseel, CEO.

Why is this important? 

With this innovation, it is now possible to: 

Safely store digitally signed contracts, ensuring their legal validity for more extended periods – a problem that previously arose due to the expiration date of digital signatures. – Provide more legal certainty in digital archiving, where qualified electronic archiving leads to reversing the burden of proof, and the digital archive is de facto accepted as evidential. 

This means that processes and documents can now be fully executed and maintained digitally, enabling the transition from paper to digital.

Key Benefits and Impacts of Digitization with Docbyte

Digitization with Docbyte brings transformative benefits to organizations, enhancing efficiency, accessibility, and compliance. By streamlining document management processes, Docbyte’s solutions empower businesses to optimize workflows, reduce operational costs, and accelerate decision-making. The transition to qualified electronic archiving ensures legal validity, fostering trust and security in document transactions. With enhanced search and retrieval functionalities, businesses experience heightened productivity and improved collaboration. Docbyte’s track record showcases real-world success stories, illustrating tangible impacts such as increased data accuracy, minimized risks, and improved customer satisfaction. Embracing Docbyte’s expertise in digitization propels organizations towards a future-ready and resilient information management framework.


Docbyte emerges as an industry leader in spearheading the digitization revolution and championing qualified electronic archiving. The profound benefits and impacts of their solutions resonate across diverse sectors, redefining how organizations manage information. By embracing Docbyte’s innovative technologies, businesses witness heightened efficiency, cost savings, and compliance assurance. The success stories underscore the tangible advantages, from streamlined workflows to elevated data accuracy.