Dianabol reviews, side effects, cycle and information on where to buy Dianabol pills

Dianabol reviews, side effects, cycle and information on where to buy Dianabol pills

Dianabol is a steroid drug synthesized in the middle of the 20th century by Dr. John Ziegler, US weightlifting team doctor and a bodybuilder himself. It has been produced since the early 60’s, when it was manufactured by Ciba.

In the early years of its history, Dianabol was used primarily to accelerate regeneration and treatment of burn injuries, to counter muscle mass issues. 

Over time, the drug became widely used in bodybuilding and other sports, where it was and is used today to increase muscle mass in the shortest possible time. Here is a tip from us where to get the best Dianabol in Canada

What Should Your Cycle Look Like

In practice, it has been proved that a correct cycle lasts about 6 weeks, and you need to take Dianabol in a dosage of not more than 100 mg per day. This protocol can lead to an increase in muscle mass from 15 to 30 kg. The half-life of Dbol is short, so you need to take it daily. 

Anabolic activity of the drug is equal to 200% of testosterone, androgenic activity — just 50% of testosterone. You don’t need high doses with such properties.

The Benefits

The effect of Dianabol appears in multiple systems of the human body, but its main effect is on muscle mass:

  • The drug increases muscles by stimulating protein secretion and glycogenolysis;
  • Improved nitrogen synthesis plays a crucial role in mass growth;
  • Dianabol also improves your strength and endurance;
  • Finally, it shortens the recovery time, so you can work out more, with each set being more effective and less exhaustive.

The results to which Dianabol leads are astonishing, because the drug also increases the appetite (so you can eat more protein, essential for mass growth), strengthens the bone structure (so you can avoid injuries) and causes a fat burning effect (slight but notable).

Dianabol Side Effects Profile

Despite the fact that Dbol has a relatively weak androgenic effect (half that of testosterone), abuse still can still lead to negative consequences: 

  1. First of all, gynecomastia, male breasts growth (to prevent this effect, it is recommended to take aromatase inhibitors);
  2. In addition, the drug leads to fluid retention in the body, namely — water. It  accumulates mainly in the muscles, so you look puffy and “bloated”. After a cycle of Dianabol the excess water is eliminated, but…
  3. As a result of decrease in water retention, the volume of muscles is reduced by an average of 10 percent. 

As the reviews say, the side effects that Dianabol shows (acne, gynecomastia, liver toxicity, increased blood pressure, etc.) are rare and occur mainly if the recommendations for use are not followed.

How to Take Dianabol The Right Way?

Cycling Dbol will not require you to have any profound knowledge in medicine: it’s an oral compound in tablet form, so just take it on time — and you’re good to go. However, you will need some skills in mitigating the side effects and avoiding health risks.

  • It is recommended to take Dianabol in a dose not exceeding 50-70 mg per day;
  • Take it on an empty stomach in 2-3 administrations (for example, 20 mg in the morning, the second time — 20 mg before lunch, and the third time — 20 mg before bedtime;
  • Average duration to which the cycle of Dbol corresponds is 6 weeks;
  • At the end of the course, it is recommended to take auxiliary drugs such as Tamoxifen or Clomiphene.

In general, if you decide to order Dbol, you will ensure yourself the maximum possible muscle growth with minimal side effects. Yes, this steroid has negative effects, but, unlike similar drugs, it appears only when you exceed the healthy dose or cycle length. 

Where to Store Anabolic Steroids like Dianabol?

Dianabol is actually easy to store: the main thing is to hide the pills from direct sunlight and save it from extreme temperature changes.

The shelf life of the drug is about 48 months, 4 years, so in February 2023 you can safely run Dianabol that was manufactured in February 2019.

Conclusion — and Whether You Need to Buy Dianabol?

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The pills are freely available on the Internet, though you definitely can’t get Dianabol at your corner drugstore. Go for it if you feel that your physique can benefit from rapid bulking!