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Cover Your Vehicle With Insurance in Mexico

Traveling to Mexico under the insurance policies of the US and Canada might leave you exposed to the cost of something unplanned. Because these policies are not valid in Mexico, you would have to buy an extra bit of insurance to travel there. But because this is not so significant in the day to day life of many, there are not a lot of options available for the purpose. In fact, you only have one or two policies which are appropriate for the most requirements. There is an option to buy permanent or temporary Mexican auto insurance according to your daily schedule.

The safety with AAA-rated insurance

If you want genuine policies for you even for a day, you must buy only those which provide full coverage from any accident or theft that might occur in Mexico. You will also have an option to add roadside assistance in your policy which further reduces the stress while traveling.

The Mexican law of insurance

Under the Mexican law of insurance, any policies from the USA and Canada are not considered any bound to fulfill any financial responsibility. These are not taken as proof of any deed. Only don’t miss happening drink in the small radius of the border are covered under the law. They have some terms and conditions for those cases as well.  

The types of vehicles which are covered

The Mexican auto insurance covers almost every vehicle that people travel on including cars, trucks, SUV, vans, motorcycles, etc. and even there is an option to cover your boat or any personal watercraft. This makes for a whole lot of coverage for anyone who travels to Mexico regularly or even for a day.

Which type of vehicles are not covered?

The owners who have a valid Mexican driver’s license won’t be able to buy temporary Mexican auto insurance. The vehicles which have been registered in Mexico are also not covered. The vehicles which are more than 20 years old are allowed for liability only and also vehicles which are used for racing and off-roading purposes are not covered as well.

Where can you claim for any loss?

Any accidents that might occur in Mexico are repaired in the US or Canada itself depending upon the policy you chose. Some policies have a limit on the maximum distance covered by towing. If a vehicle is not drivable, the claims will be handled in the region only.

Where to buy Mexican auto insurance?

As mentioned above, you don’t have many options to buy appropriate Mexican auto insurance for your purpose but there are certain platforms which have their customer reviews available and genuinely cover you from all the mishaps that might occur in the region of Mexico.


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