3 Reasons Why Your HR Should Have a Drug Relief Program

Drug Relief Program

Drug addiction is very real in today’s society. This means that everyone needs to take this seriously, including the human resource department at larger companies. One of your most valuable employees could somehow get mixed up in drug addiction and need crack rehab to help with sobriety. If you as an employer truly care for the hard work and effort your employees put in, you should also care about getting them into treatment so they can come back to the company and start where they last took off. Although many have different opinions on addiction, crack rehab could be very useful for any employer trying to help someone who has fallen too far in the world of drugs.

Below is a list of reasons why HR should have a drug relief program:

#1 Keep your employees longer! In order to keep your best employees as long as possible, you must be able to help them in all areas of life. No single person can be strong at every moment in their life and it is up to their HR department to notice any changes and take the first step towards helping. By offering services for addiction, HR is not only helping the employee, but they are also helping the business by keeping all the top workers, addicts or not.

#2 Think about the family. As a worker in the HR department, you should always try to keep an eye out an employee acting different or slacking in their department and intervene quickly. Although some reasons may be stress at home, the employee may need further help like crack rehab. You and the rest of the HR department may not want to put in the money and effort to helping them, you should always help them think about the family that is at stake.

#3 Save yourself the time and money with rehab. By allowing the HR department to help an employee with rehab, you are also saving the time and money from having to train someone new. During the time your employee is at rehab, you can put in for a per diem position in the paper or online. Just because an employee needs a little help, does not mean that you and everyone in the business need to give up on them and meth rehabilitation.

Although the process of getting one of your employees into rehab can be rather difficult, it is most definitely very beneficial to both you and them. Not only are you saving your company time and money paying a new employee to be trained, but you are also helping the employee with an addiction to help them come back to their job and live a happier and healthier life. Before you choose to take this route, always be sure your employee is on board with rehab and willing to come back to the company once all is said and done after they have completed the rehab services.

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