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Cleaning Your Couch Covers – The How-To Guide for Clueless People

Regardless of how careful you are, food and drink will inevitably spill on the couch, or boisterous kids and playful pets will mess things up, so getting a set of good-quality sofa covers is sensible. However, you need to clean the sofa covers from time to time to keep them looking fresh and new. Here’s how to clean your sofa cover the right way:

Follow Washing Instructions 

Some sofa covers can be removed from the couch and simply chucked into the washing machine, however, some covers need to be only spot-cleaned or given for dry cleaning by professionals. You can use a water-based cleaner if the label mentions “W”, a solvent cleaner if the label says ‘S”, while a “WS” label means that you can use either of them. If the label says “X”, you need to give them for professional cleaning. If the label has a circle enclosing a “P”, it means that it should be only dry-cleaned, according to Cleanipedia.

Frequency of Cleaning 

There is no fixed interval for cleaning sofa covers. If food or drink spills, you should spot clean it urgently before the stain becomes permanent. For sofas that see regular use, you should vacuum them once a week and hand or machine-wash them once a month. However, if you live in a dusty environment or children and pets make the covers dirty, you should wash them whenever the dirt is visible. It is a good practice to have the l shaped couch covers professionally cleaned once in six months to refresh their looks.

How to Clean At Home

Vacuum the sofa covers to remove dust and pet hair. Make sure you do not leave out any part, including the crevices and in-between the seams and below the cushions. Spot clean any stains with appropriate water or solvent-based cleaner. The correct procedure is letting the solution soak in and dabbing it with a microfiber. Do not try to scrub the stain as it will get further ingrained. Depending on the kind of stain, you may need a few attempts for a satisfactory result.

If you want to wash your removable covers, you must first check whether they are pre-shrunk, else they will not fit after you wash and dry them. You must also check if they are colorfast. The easiest way of verifying it is to take a damp white cloth and rub it against the fabric of the cover. If you notice the color coming off, it is better not to wash them at home but give them to a laundry service.

If you are machine washing at home, don’t use hot water and choose a gentle wash cycle. Don’t use the dryer to dry the cover as they will be more prone to fading and shrinking. Letting them air-dry in the shade is the best.


Your sofa covers will inevitably get dirty with use. You can consider applying a stain guard, usually available in a spray, to keep the covers from getting stained easily. However, spot-cleaning immediately after a spill and regular washing is the best way of keeping your sofa covers looking fresh and new.

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