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Boarding school in Barcelona

Parents choose best private schools in Barcelona for several reasons. In particular, a large number of excellent boarding schools for foreign students are located in Barcelona, which provide students with versatile knowledge.

And subsequently, graduates can enter both Spanish universities and choose a university in any other country in the world. In addition, in the best high boarding schools in Barcelona schools, students develop such important skills as independence and responsibility, initiative, and individuality.

Children follow the rules and regulations of school life, but at the same time, they can plan extracurricular activities and choose subjects for study.

Children from all over the world can study in boarding schools in Barcelona. You do not need to be a resident of the country for this. In addition, on the basis of enrollment, you can apply for a student visa.

Features of studying at best private boarding schools in Barcelona

There are the best private schools in Barcelona with different educational systems. They differ in the teaching methodology and languages ​​used by the curriculum and final exams. Also, different schools have different requirements for future students and the best high boarding schools in Barcelona fees vary. Some of them teach children according to the British curriculum, others in the American curriculum, and still others in Spanish. Many people pay special attention to the sports education of students. In some of the schools, an atmosphere of rigor reigns, and all life proceeds in accordance with a rigid schedule and subject to discipline.

In Spain, there are also private international boarding schools that teach children according to IB, A-level programs. The advantages of this education are high-quality education that meets international standards and the affordability of tuition fees compared to studying in other European countries. Education in English-Spanish and American-Spanish schools is conducted in English, all Spanish subjects are taught in Spanish. Schoolchildren receive at the end of such schools 2 certificates – Spanish and one of the European countries (depending on the school – English, American, French, etc.)

Boarding schools in Barcelona are very popular with foreign students. Teaching is in English, and some of the courses and faculties are held in Spanish. Student groups are usually small. Boarding schools are divided into 2 types:

  • Full board (student accommodation on the school grounds during the academic year)
  • Partial boarding (students live on the campus of the school several days a week)

The emphasis in boarding schools is on religious, sports education, the study of several foreign languages.

Features of studying at best private schools in Barcelona:

  • Individual approach to each student
  • Development of creativity
  • The emphasis is on developing practical skills needed in later life
  • Each school has its own unique teaching methodology

Barcelona’s schools ranking

The British School of Barcelona

This private school is one of the best not only in Barcelona ​​but throughout Spain. Children aged 3-18 study here. Training is conducted in English. Additionally, Spanish, Catalan and other languages ​​of Europe are studied.

The teaching uses the British education system. After graduation, graduates are issued with a British certificate and a Spanish Bachillerato. It prepares high school students for the IGCSE A-level exam and, in addition, for the Spanish ESO certificate and the Spanish Bachelor’s degree certificate.

Tuition fees are 9,300 – 11,000 euros per year.

Kensington school

This is one of the most respected high school in Barcelona. The school is located in the Pedrabels area. Children from 3 to 18 years old study here. Graduates perform well in exams. The school also received recognition as an examination center for Edexcel International. It is worth noting that the new school building was opened with the personal participation of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Tuition fees are 4,500 – 13,000 euros per year.

Oak House School

This private school was founded in 1968. It received official recognition from the Spanish government and was also authorized by inspectors from England.

Education at the school takes place in several stages. from 3 to 12 years old, children study according to the British system, and then – according to the Spanish system. The main language of instruction is English, from the age of 6 children begin to master Spanish, and from the age of 8 – Catalan. It is also possible to choose a fourth language to study. Upon graduation, graduates receive First Certificate (FCE), Advanced (CAE), Proficiency (CPE), and an international IGCSE diploma.

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