Blue WhatsApp apk (9.91) download the latest version of WhatsApp in 2024

Blue WhatsApp apk (9.91) download the latest version of WhatsApp in 2024

Blue WhatsApp is most commonly used in our daily life. As we all know, there are almost 4 billion users of WhatsApp worldwide. Due to the massive use of this meta app, users have demanded some changes from the WhatsApp developer, so our developers decided to create the latest modified version of WhatsApp, which can meet all our users’ demands. This is our team’s best action to fulfil users’ demands. Users’ demands are very important for a developer. 

Our team is always ready to fulfil the demands and resolve all the problems. 

 We are here to help and guide the user. Here, we tell you about all the information about this app. How you can choose the best apk app, How you can download the latest version, how you can install the apk version and how to update the latest version of apk. The most common problems in the apk market are due to fake and local apk versions; the number of users is banned, and users are losing all their data.You can download Blue Whatsapp Apk from here.

Download the latest version of apk


App nameBlue whatsApp
Category Communication
File size78 MB
Required android5.0 or above
Require ios Any or latest
Last update1 day ago

What is blue WhatsApp?

Many users know nothing about blue WhatsApp because they are new to Apk. They have no experience with the apk apps. As you know, WhatsApp is a very confidential app, so our users want to know about this apk version, so we are telling you about it. This app is the latest version of apk. Apk is a third-party app agency developing a modified version of all Play Store apps. 

So, developers developed this app according to customers’ demands. This app fulfils all customer requirements like saving the status, last seen freeze, hiding status, hiding story view, hiding profile picture, reading the unsend and deleted messages and also has many features. It can also solve the very common and significant problem of being number-banned due to using some local apk apps. The number of users has been banned. So users want to search for a new platform for a safe and secure apk app. And they have visited our website.

Some prominent features of blue WhatsApp

As you know, this apk app provides some extraordinary features for their customers, which is necessary for them and also all information about those features. Telling how you can use those features. How you can save yourselves from the scammer.

Hide double tick and blue tick.

This feature helps those people who want to see the message and chat with someone without telling him. You can read your chat partner’s message without showing him the blue tick. When you read the message in official WhatsApp, official WhatsApp shows the blue tick on the chat board of your partner here; this apk app doesn’t show the blue tick to your chat partner. 

Here is a most important feature for the privacy-conscious to hide the double tick. In WhatsApp, when you are online, official WhatsApp shows a double tick to other people in your WhatsApp contact, and they can see a double tick on their sending message. Here, if someone has sent you a message and you have opened your main chat board, there is no double tick show on other people’s chat boards. Double tick shows only when you read the message of that person.

Hide online and typing status.

After applying this, you can hide your online status from others. And if you are writing something on a chat board, then it will be hidden by applying this setting. You can only see yourself online if you have applied that setting.

Free calling system

As we all know, if we want to call someone, we must recharge our phone. Some phone calls are the most expensive, but some are at a low price. In the outer country, some phone calls are the most expensive, and in other networks, calls are lower than in the outer country and the same network, calls are at a low price, but the apk free calling system is straightforward and free worldwide. It gives a free video calling system to the whole world. 

Save and hide the story

Saving another person’s story without telling him is very easy in this apk app. If someone is using an official app, that person needs a separate app to save the story, but here, you can save the story with one click. You can also hide your story from people. 

Backup and restore

There is no backup in the official app, but our developers are giving you an extraordinary feature for restoring your data. If you have lost your mobile and your mobile has broken, you can take a backup using this apk app.

There is a very common procedure for getting the data: download the blue WhatsApp from Google and create an account. While creating the account, WhatsApp will give you an option to backup and restore data. You can restore data from there.Now, download it and enjoy this app for free.