Best way to mirror iPhone to PC in 2021: MirrorGo

IPhones are used by many presenters, businessmen, and teachers these days. They want to share their iPhone screens to show some documents on the big screen computer. There are no direct options available in iPhone for screen mirroring in iPhone settings. That is why iPhone users have to use a screen mirroring app to cast the screen on the laptop, computer, or smart TV. MirrorGo is the best screen mirroring app for apple devices that is available in the app store of IOS devices. The MirrorGo software can also be downloaded from the official website of Wondershare. This application can mirror the screen of the iPhone on a big computer screen easily. If you want to know how to mirror iPhone to computer, then MirrorGo is the best choice.

Why do we need to mirror iPhone to the PC?                 

If you are looking for an app to mirror iPhone to PC, your search destination ends with MirrorGo. The MirrorGo software is easy to download and install on an IOS device. Here are some reasons why we need to mirror iPhone to pc.

  • To view images of iPhones on PC: – If we want to show pictures stored on the gallery of iPhones to our friends or family on a larger screen at a time, then we can use the MirrorGo app. This application can easily share the screen on a big screen computer or smart TV without compatibility issues.
  • To Show live gameplays to an audience online:- Playing live online games is popular these days. Famous players show their talent in front of their fans and share the screen of iPhones on the big screen.
  • To show presentations stored on the phone:-If you have to address and show a presentation to display the sales report in front of your delegates or investor. You might need an app that can easily cast the screen on the big screen.
  • View media files on big screens:- If you have some media files that you want to show to your audience on the big screen, you must use the MirrorGo app.

 How to mirror iPhone to PC using MirrorGo app?

  • Download and install the MirrorGo app on the desktop, laptop, PC, or big-screen computer.
  • Go to settings on apple devices. Mirror your iPhone screen to the computer with Wi-Fi.

Features of MirrorGo

  • Control iOS to PC:-Sometimes we need to control ios devices to PC. This happens when we are trying to show our audience something that is stored in the phone storage. The media files can be seen easily using MirrorGo app on the big screen. We can display images or other media files or documents on the big computer screen without following complicated procedures.
  • Mirror IOS to PC:-By mirror iPhone to pc, we mean mirroring the iPhone screen into PC or desktop computers. This is done quickly by using MirrorGo software. For this purpose, we need to install the software on the big screen and connect the iPhone to pc or big screen using the MirrorGo app using the same Wi-Fi network. We can cast the screen without any distortion or disturbance.
  • Record iPhone on your PC:-Sometimes we want to record the screen of iPhones to pc and upload it on the YouTube channel. In such a situation, we need an app that can efficiently record the iPhone screen on a PC, desktop, or laptop without any problem. MirrorGo is the best tool for recording the iPhone screen on pc.
  • Take a screenshot on the PC:-In some scenarios; we want to take a screenshot of IPhones and save it on our PC for future reference. Using MirrorGo, we can easily take the screenshot of the iPhone and save it on larger screens.
  • Handle mobile notification on PC.-When we are casting the screen of iPhones to PC; we might want to handle mobile notification on the PC. MirrorGo allows you to manage mobile notifications efficiently.

What makes MirrorGo an efficient tool for mirroring iPhone to PC?

  • Excellent user interface:-MirrorGo has an excellent user interface which allows easy navigation for performing various activity during screen mirroring session.
  • User-friendly environment:-Since the MirrorGo has a user-friendly environment, it can be understood easily by the first-time user. There is no requirement of technical background for using the Mirroring features of MirrorGo.
  • Home button not functioning on iPhone:-If the home screen on the iPhone is not functioning properly, then we need to connect the iPhone with a big screen and cast the screen on the big screen to operate the iPhone’s functionality.
  • Paid version MirrorGo features:-The paid version of MirrorGo has no advertisement, making it easier to operate without any disturbance.
  • Security:-This app is secured to use as it is free from any virus or malware. There is no risk in installation on big screens of smart TV, laptops, or desktops.
  • Customer support-If you need technical assistance for iPhone mirroring; we can seek help from the 24×7 customer support team. We can send email inquiries as well to get technical assistance from customer support.
  • Device compatibility-The MirrorGo app is fully compatible with iOS devices, Windows, and Android devices. The installation of the MirrorGo app is fast and easy.

Advantages of using MirrorGo software

  • Control the iPhone screen to the computer:-In case we want to control the iPhone screen using the mouse on the computer; we can use MirrorGo software.
  • Record IOS screen to PC or computer: If we want to record the iPhone screen to PC or computer, we can use MirrorGo software. This application can easily record ios screen to pc or computer without any delay.
  • Take a screenshot of the iPhone screen to a PC or bigger screen: – MirrorGo can take iPhone’s screenshot and save it on a PC or computer without any difficulty.

MirrorGo app can be used for android mirroring as well as iPhone mirroring. The application allows many features which are not available on the iPhone settings. Since it has an excellent user interface that is why it is easy to use and operate. There are no complicated procedures or technical knowledge required for iPhone mirroring utilizing this application. We can easily handle mobile push notifications on larger screens using the MirrorGo application.

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