Best Types of Corporate Video Production

Best Types of Corporate Video Production

If becoming versatile is a talent, then it means corporate videos are definitely ‘jack of all trades.’ From entertaining to training, corporate videos usually serve a broad range of purposes. This means brands globally are now concentrating more on corporate video production than before.

Being an interesting and fun way to reach an audience, corporate videos are more accessible these days. After all, being more appealing than big chunks of texts, these videos effectively convey important messages explicitly and clearly.

Now the only question you need to answer is, what kinds of corporate videos are available out there? What types are more suitable for you to use?

Well, to answer your question and make your task much easier, experts have listed the following types of corporate videos you may choose from:

1.      Training Videos

Most businesses hire costly industrial psychologists or corporate coaches to teach employees and other trainers how to work best within the culture of companies.

Other businesses spend a lot of money on training seminars to make workers apply and understand safety guidelines, effective sales techniques, and new customer service procedures.

But what about onboarding new workers?

At the very least, most businesses spend many days, weeks, and even months reusing similar details to train new members.

Plus, many workers skip long-winded corporate handbooks filled with complicated and legalese benefit plan explanations.

Well-produced and conceived training videos may eliminate all those headaches and costs in one fell swoop. Businesses may leverage their resources and even get workers trained consistently and efficiently with these videos.

2.      Promotional Videos

These videos are more specific to a certain service or product. These are usually showcased online as a specific audience will be targeted more effectively.

But these videos might as well work on various TV broadcasting platforms. They help to promote:

  • Brand familiarity
  • Brand recognition

3.      Online Commercials

These videos provide users freedom from regular TV commercials because they don’t depend on the 45 or 60-second timeframe. Rather they are wrapped up in a lower budget, and there is ample scope of storytelling.

If you have platforms, such as YouTube, where more than 600 million hours of videos are being watched daily, reachability will not be an issue.

4.      Information and Satirical Videos

According to statistics, many individuals scanning streams on their social media prefer watching content, making them laugh and smile. The world is already facing too much drama and stress, which you must deal with daily.

Plus, work is tucked with challenging work relationships and stressful deadlines – meaning there is very little to laugh and smile about.

With that said, many individuals turn to social media streams so as to escape this daily nonsense. This is why most brands find success with informational and satirical approaches with their production of corporate videos.

To Sum-Up

Corporate videos will always be powerful tools companies globally use to engage employees, reach customers, and boost sales.

Plus, they are a feather when it comes to business communication caps. They can help you to humanize your company for clients and workers alike while giving you a competitive advantage in the sector.