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All the Advantages of Purchasing Real Estate In Residential Complexes From a Developer in Turkey


Regarding popularity among foreign citizens, Turkey is among the top five world leaders. Real estate here is actively acquired by those who plan to move to permanent residence and as an investment. Flats for sale in Turkey from the developer offer properties to suit different purposes and budgets. You can choose an apartment for living both in ready-made complexes and in the process of construction. Using the example of the construction company Yekta Homes in Turkey, we will find out what is more profitable.

Housing from the developer 

So, first of all, deciding on the object of purchase and the budget is important. Of course, an apartment in Turkey from a developer will cost you much less because this is a great opportunity to save money and a real chance to get better and more modern housing. Yekta Homes is one of the largest companies in the Anatolian region. 11 new, modern residential complexes have already been built and commissioned, distinguished by a high comfort level, all meeting international quality standards.

Yekta Homes offers its clients apartments in finished or under-construction properties, and you have a great opportunity to choose. The company’s official website https://yektahomes.com/ has all the detailed information about each of the residential complexes. It’s easy to figure out what’s on the site; it is adapted specifically for overseas buyers. If you have any questions, you can always ask them through the feedback form, you will be answered in the chat, or a company specialist will contact you quickly.

Benefits of working directly with the developer

Among the main advantages, one can note the pricing policy. At the development stage, real estate has a lower value than immediately after delivery. Other benefits of collaboration include:

    Additional savings on commission fees. Real estate agencies require a fee for their services when selling real estate in finished new buildings. Developers sell housing without such commission fees at its net value.

    Completely reliable information. Only sometimes, a realtor owns all the intricacies of the technical characteristics of housing, which is excluded when contacting the developer.

    Possibility of paying for real estate in installments. Developers’Developers’ cooperation with banks can open up more favorable mortgage lending conditions.

    There is only one drawback: until the settlement, you must wait for the object to be put into operation. The construction company, Yekta Homes in Turkey, declares the deadlines for delivering objects and does not violate them.

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Buy or rent 

You seem to want to buy your home in Turkey, but some doubts still arise. Of course, taking such a step is not easy, so you can first rent a house before buying; Yekta Homes also provides this service.

Residential complexes are close to the sea, so you will be fine getting to them, especially given the neat park paths. Also, each residential complex has playgrounds, parking lots, and any other necessary infrastructure. The airport, shopping centers, city center – all this is very close, and at the same time you will not experience inconvenience due to city noise, because there are gardens, parks, and nature.

The company often holds various promotions, so buying or renting real estate will become an even more pleasant event.

Acquisition process 

Another reason why Turkey is a popular destination among international property buyers is the ease of the transaction. The legal procedures are fast, with no waiting periods, and can be completed within a very short time, in some cases as little as 3 days after the selection of the property. 

Should I buy Turkish housing?

Apart from the opportunities a beautiful country offers, buying property in Turkey offers some advantages. Foreign property owners can easily obtain a residence permit by providing documents confirming ownership. Owners in Turkey are granted a short-term residence permit: the document is issued for two years, after which the residence permit can be extended for another two years at the end of the verification period. The fact that Turkey offers a residence permit to purchase housing is an additional advantage for anyone who wishes to stay in the country for a longer period. Having a residence permit eliminates the need to obtain and renew a visa. It will be beneficial for you to have a residence permit in Turkey, as this will facilitate the use of public services and, in general, allow you to live calmly and freely. 

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