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All about water wave hair


Hair is one of the primary attributes that we fall in love with daily. You must have noted the different kinds of hair that every individual has on their head. Each is distinct and can be differentiated according to its colour, texture, size, pattern etc.

By now, you must have recalled seeing the various kinds of wavy hair. Yes, water wave hair is a type of wavy hair. This kind of hair usually acquires its name because of its shape. Its unique and effortless shape makes it look like waves in the ocean. These carefree curls can significantly elevate your flair and elegance.

Since this hair has a water wave-like shape, they are always woven close, almost overlapping. Many companies produce water wave hair extensions. Due to the absence of an administrative body, different companies create different types of water wave hair.

Some of the most renowned water wave hair textures are as follows.

Peruvian water wave hair

This water wave hair is one of the best textured and thickest water wave hair available in the market. These hair bundles usually come in a variety of colours and are made out of pure virgin hair. Since these hair bundles consist of thicker and tighter curls, you will only need a few hair bundles to fill your head with the kind of volume you’re looking for.

The best attribute of these hair bundles is that they are resistant to heat caused by gadgets or Sun. This is why these should be your go-to bundles whenever you’re travelling. They can perform extremely well in both humid and hot climates.

Indian water wave hair

This is a type of loose wave hair made out of natural human hair and has a delicate yet thick and long-lasting texture. These widely available hair waves are made of hair that are smooth and extraordinary.

Hair loss from these bundles is quite rare. These bundles are usually available in only a few stipulated colours. Even with the least amount of care, these hair bundles can last more than a year.

Brazilian water wave hair

These hair wave bundles are usually available in both S and C shapes. These hair shapes can blend well with your natural hair. Moreover, these hair bundles can be easily fixed, permed and twisted according to your hairstyle needs. Made of pure virgin hair, these Brazilian hair bundles have a high demand in the market.

Malaysian water wave hair

These are some of the best hair bundles primarily due to their natural look and great shine. However, continuous washing of these hair bundles loses their gloss and radiance. This can make them look dull. These hair bundles are extremely soft and smooth and are only available in dark brown and black shades. The best attributes of this hair care are its curl pattern and hold. These waves or curls rarely need any external support.

We hope this piece helped you find the best hair wave bundle according to your needs and choices. All these hair bundles are unique and can be of great aid to you.

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