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Air Conditioner Repair: 7 Frequent Things You Should Know


The weather is getting warmer, and you’re not sure if your air conditioning system is performing as well as it did last year. Is it time to contact an HVAC air conditioner service company for routine maintenance? Or are you overlooking something simple that is causing it to underperform?

Below are the most frequent things you need to know when you do or do not take action for an aircon repair:

1. Prone to Fire

It is crucial to think about the consequences of putting off an air conditioner repair. According to experts, air conditioners, fans, and related equipment are a leading cause of home fires, with 7,400 home structure fires reported in 2010. Air conditioner fires claimed the lives of 29 civilians and injured 249 others that year, resulting in $207 million in direct property damage. Mechanical or electrical failures without failure mode specifics are the causes of these fires. One-third of all fires start with the ignition of wire or cable insulation.

2. Health Issues

Apart from fires, health issues are another factor in air conditioner repair. Air conditioners that are old or poorly maintained have been linked to poor health and the spread of certain diseases. If you notice visible mold growth or dust buildup, air duct cleaning is also recommended. Because the indoor section of an air conditioning unit produces condensation during the summer (because the AC is always on), this is usually the best time for mold to grow.

Debris can get stuck in your ductwork, so keep up with basic maintenance like changing the filter to keep the airflow at its peak. Allergens, pesticides, and other outside irritants enter your home through a dirty filter. Ensure that those window units are properly sealed to keep warm air from the outside to save money on your air conditioning. Allow an HVAC technician to perform annual maintenance checks on your air conditioner to keep your home safe. So this means that if you don’t take time for an AC repair, you will surely have more health-related problems.

3. Leaking of Air Ducts

If you notice that your air conditioner is not running at full capacity, you may have duct leakage. It can drain up to 40% of an air conditioner’s energy, costing you a lot of money in cooling. Mastic, a sticky substance that can be painted on ducts, should be used to insulate outside ducts. Fixing the leaks could give you an extra half-ton of air conditioning capacity.

4. Buying a New Unit

If air conditioner repair hasn’t worked and you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, consider the environment in your home. If you live in a hot, dry climate, the Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) is a good way to see how well the system performs in your environment. You might even require a dehumidification system. In drier climates, higher airflow is better than lower airflow, so pay attention to your indoor evaporator coil.

5. Aircon Blow Hot Air

When you do not take responsibility for an aircon repair, the air passing through your vents isn’t as cold as it was. Your system is working overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature. This could be caused by a variety of factors, including refrigerant leaks, condenser problems, and duct leakage.

6. Unpleasant Sounds

All of the systems are made to run quietly. Louder-than-normal operation—particularly metallic squeals, grinding, or whacking noises—indicates a problem within the unit (broken components, loose belts, debris). When strange noises occur, you should have your air conditioner checked by a professional as soon as possible to avoid serious system damage.

7. Expensive Electric Bills

The largest energy consumer in your home is your air conditioner. If it was working fine last season but your energy bills have increased this year, it’s time to have your system checked out and probably have a repair on it.

In conclusion, if you decide to repair, simply contact your air conditioning service provider and inform them that you’re ready to proceed with quality maintenance or repair. Set an appointment with a residential sales professional to perform a load calculation and go over your options if you decide to move forward with the replacement process. Lastly, we must keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. It just takes a good decision to avoid any probable problem in the future.

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