A Roadmap to the Future: Startup Tech Companies Breaking the Mould


    The U.S has the largest amount of startups in the world, 63,703 to be exact!

    This staggering statistic shows we’re a nation filled with entrepreneurs in every field, from education to healthcare. Perhaps you’re interested in learning about startup tech companies and you want to know which ones to look out for.

    Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top startups to check out.


    Known to harness the power of startup trends, LeadIQ is your go-to solution for sales reps. The startup discovered that sale agents spend most of their time seeking data on their prospects, rather than flexing their selling skills.

    Using this as inspiration, LeadIQ uses data science so salespeople learn more about their customers and retrieve their contact information in no time.


    Before you learn how to create an app, familiarize yourself with Loom. This is the best technology for entrepreneurs because it lets business owners convey their message through instantly shareable videos, perfect for pitching to overseas buyers.

    Simply record a video using your laptop’s camera and narrate your video. A bonus is that, as your record your screen, your face appears in the bottom left corner so the recipient has a more immersive experience.

    Magic Leap

    Leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution is Magic Leap. This startup embraces augmented reality so that it interacts with digital devices. The team has developed a headset that creates images indistinguishable from real objects, offering customers a seamless experience.


    Aside from developing a robust mobile marketing platform, AppLovin is known for business innovation.

    This startup uses data and real-time analytics to help game studios produce an unforgettable user experience. As a result, AppLovin’s clients maximize their revenues while keeping customers happy. It’s a win-win!


    One of the top tech startups is AirGarage. They aim to change how parking lots are run so that churches or businesses can rent out any surplus parking spaces to drivers.

    This is fantastic for bustling cities where finding a space is a challenge, especially if a business owner can generate a passive income through unsued spaces.


    Many eCommerce retailers know how expensive current payment solutions are. This is where Radpay comes in.

    Instead of bombarding business owners with sky-high fees, Radpay has created a streamlined service. This results in fewer abandoned carts and speeds up the buying process.

    Get Quote

    Over 36% of small businesses don’t have a website, which means many miss out on valuable leads.

    An easy way to solve this is to use Quuie’s software as it lets you develop a site via your smartphone. A bonus is that users needn’t learn how to code as it takes several clicks and swipes to build your digital storefront.


    Calling all budding plant parents!

    Bloomscape understands how difficult it is to haul your newly purchased plants on the subway or cramming them into your car. With this in mind, Bloomscape has developed a site where customers can order a fully-grown potted plant so it comes straight to their door.


    Tessian ensures businesses don’t have dodgy emails in their address book.

    The platform analyzes a company’s email network to check whether there’s an unusual email address or a message that contains sensitive information. These will then be flagged to the sender so they can double-check it before moving forward.


    If you’re a fanatic about smart homes, then Nodle is for you.

    The startup aims to connect home appliances, smartwatches, and fitness trackers through one platform. As a result, Nodle is making IoT more accessible to consumers at an affordable price.

    Chipper Cash

    When you’re on your next vacation, make sure you use this startup’s service. We all know the pain of hidden charges when you’re withdrawing cash in a new country, but Chipper Cash solves this for you.

    You can even make a transaction via a text message, so you needn’t worry about connecting to WiFi or finding the nearest ATM.


    Fashionistas will love Wardrobe, a startup that has developed a groundbreaking eCommerce app. Consumers can borrow luxury clothes, sell their old garments, and even share sketches for custom clothes.

    Porch Services

    Instead of scouring the internet for a local plumber, use Porch’s new mobile platform.

    The best part is that all users are freelancers so you can find a plumber who is offering the lowest rates. And once the repair is done, you can rate the service to help others find the best fit for them.


    Ruckify, a fantastic tech startup, believes in reducing unnecessary consumerism. They do this by encouraging communities to rent from one another. As a result, users can start a side-hustle and post their items for rent.

    Plus, Ruckify plants a tree for every sign-up, rental, and review to offset the carbon footprint of the service.

    Modern Health

    Modern Health focuses on the mental well-being of employees. This means teams can access virtual certified coaches and therapists whenever they please. As a result, employers are assured knowing their employees aren’t suffering from burnout or depression, especially during the pandemic.

    The Top Startup Tech Companies

    Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know which startup tech companies to check out.

    The list is diverse, whether you want to embrace virtual pitching with Loom or generate a secondary income with Ruckify. You can also use Bloomscape for plants or Wardrobe to trade your luxury clothes so there’s something for everyone. Happy browsing!

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