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A Guide to Buying Dental Supplies


Did you know that the United States has about 180,000 dental offices?

Launching a new dental practice is an exciting yet frightening move. There are key decisions you have to make that will determine the future of your practice. One such decision is how to purchase dental supplies and equipment.

The office equipment you choose to buy for your dental practice could significantly affect the quality of care you offer your potential clients. It’s also a factor in the quality of the environment you create for your employees.

When buying dental supplies, most dentists opening a dental practice for the first time are tempted to purchase familiar equipment they have used in their last workplace. However, it’s essential to purchase the right dental supplies that fit your budget and your new practice’s needs.

Below is a complete guide on how to purchase the right office equipment for your new dental practice:

1. Create a Budget

Create a budget for the office supplies and dental equipment you need to start your practice. If you don’t have a lot of money, you could start with the most basic items and progressively purchase other advanced equipment.

Go over the dental supplies budget and compare it to your stipulated overhead expenses. It’s advisable to spend around 5-6% of the total overhead costs on dental supplies. Understanding your financial situation will also help you cut down on unnecessary expenses.

2. Take Control of the Ordering Process

When starting a business, it’s essential to have one individual in charge of ordering supplies. This allows for transparency and accountability. Who better handle the ordering process than you?

When you’re in charge of ordering dental supplies, you are keener on mistakes to avoid. Startups often don’t have many employees, and the available ones may have too many responsibilities on their shoulders. This may lead to costly mistakes when ordering supplies for your dental practice.

By taking control, you will be monitoring the ordering process. You can also create strategic procedures and communicate your expectations regarding ordering supplies to your employees in case you’re absent. When purchasing online dental supplies, remember to work with reputable manufacturers.

3. Understand Your Office’s Needs

Knowing how much supplies you need and what quantities you’re looking to use every month will be essential for accurate ordering. Some supplies such as gloves may run out faster than others. Thus, it’s essential to keep tabs on them.

After setting up your practice, buy what you need, then check their usage. With time, you may notice that you’re ordering more and more supplies. Ensure you communicate with your employees for necessary insight when evaluating supply usage.

4. Request for Freebies From Manufacturers

Even a few boxes of gloves could go a long way in reducing your initial supply budget. Have you worked with any dental supply manufacturer before? If you have, you could request some freebies when launching your practice.

Most manufacturers or retailers will take advantage of this opportunity to earn your trust. Giving out freebies is also suitable for fostering customer relationships.

Getting freebies is also an excellent opportunity to test out different products in the market. You may find good-quality products at a lower price than you would typically buy.

5. Shop Around and Compare Different Products

When you’re going equipment shopping for your new dentist office, ensure you shop around for the best deals in the market. Don’t just stick to one vendor out of convenience. If you don’t look around and compare prices and quality, you will likely end up paying more than you should.

Large markups on equipment and supplies could lead to vendors offering you lower prices to win your business. Ensure you use this healthy competition to secure the best deal for your new dental practice.

Our market is designed in a way that allows consumers to benefit from vendor competition. You can easily compare the different options available and settle for the cheapest supplier without compromising on quality.

6. Consider the Payment Method

The method you use to pay for your dental office supplies could help you save money. If you are using a credit card to purchase the supplies, ensure you look at the fees and interest rates.

If you don’t pay the credit card balance on time, you may increase your supply costs due to accumulating interest. Most vendors add charges if the money is not repaid within a certain period of time.

7. Purchase Reusable Supplies

Many manufacturers create reusable dental supplies. Disposable supplies are more convenient because they help you avoid repeated sanitizing. However, you will end up using too much money down the line when purchasing disposable supplies.

One example is safety glasses. While you could get disposable safety glasses for the assistants and dentists in the office, the cost might add up quickly.

Look at the most used supplies and determine if you could purchase the reusable versions available in the market. Remember to compare how much money you would save over time if you decide to get the reusable option.

8. Assess the Cost vs Quality

When setting up a dentist office, it’s essential to look at your goals and bottom line. You may have a planned budget for the supplies you’re looking to purchase. However, remember that the market’s cheapest option may not always be the best for your practice.

Some manufacturers tend to create low-quality oral health equipment that may not serve you for long. Ensure you check both the quality and cost of products before buying. Paying a one-off fee for a piece of equipment that will last you for years is the best option for your long-term budget.

Are You Ready to Purchase Your Office Equipment?

Are you wondering how to start purchasing office equipment for your new dental practice? Following the above tips will help you get the best equipment in the market. Ensure you are careful when ordering your dental supplies online.

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