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A DIY Guide Into Creating a Home-Spa Bathroom

Now more than ever, with the global pandemic in full swing, we need to keep our sanity by creating our safe space and sanctuary at home. Indeed, the lockdowns have triggered boredom, self-isolation, anxiety, panic and sleepless nights. It even sparked cabin fever for sure, with being cooped up with the kids and being together 24/7.

An at-home spa set-up certainly takes the cake on providing that luxurious and indulgence we have all been craving. Enjoying a full day at the spa is far from reality for now. There are plenty of ways to transform your home bathroom to recreate a relaxing spa-like experience.

Here is a tell-all and detailed guide to creating a space of tranquillity in your bathroom. These tips will undoubtedly compete with a scene from your go-to aesthetician at a fraction of the cost.

Set the mood

Nothing screams spa vibes more than with scented candles. Lighting a candle brings joy by lighting it up and taking a few mindful breaths in front of it. A trip to the spa engages the senses; essentially, scents of the familiar kind trigger rejuvenation. Scented candles calm you down, but they re-energise the mind. Aromas that uplift are woody tones like cedarwood, patchouli paired with bergamot, while lavender, vetiver and eucalyptus stimulate sleep. For perfect spa-like scents, explore grapefruit, peppermint with white tea. Floral tones give off that luxurious vibe, such as rosehip, peonies and freesia. Go easy on the scents by making sure to light up one at a time. An overwhelmingly scented tight space can trigger irritation. If you are not a fan of candles, you may opt for a towel or room spray.

Improve the overall bathroom mood by creating a spa playlist. Aside from scents and dim lighting, soothing background music can silence the brain from anxious and cluttered musings. With background sounds, possibilities are endless, from nature-like to instrumental tunes that shut down unnecessary thoughts.

Stimulate relaxing feels by adding plants as décor. Eucalyptus leaves bundled together in a clear vase; not only is it easy-on-the-eye, but it clears the nostrils by giving off a minty aroma. It veers away from your typical bathroom look. In addition to creating a design flow into your bathroom, plants also have air-purifying qualities. They help clear pollutants that induce ailments like skin irritation and asthma. Plants that enhance good air quality and are low maintenance are aloe vera, peace lily and rubber plants. A Selloum or a Snake plant can also improve the general look of your bathroom.

Evoke a quiet mind

In keeping the room as peaceful as possible, choose a bath bomb, salts, or essential oils to unleash into your walk-in bath soak.

Bathing can lower blood pressure and supports a stable heart rate. These physiological benefits are from a good and quality bath. Baths are proven to reduce stress hormones and release endorphins. Typically, bath bombs are composed of hemp and carrier oils that soften the skin with scents that evoke quietness. On the other hand, bath salts exfoliate dry and cracked skin, and it treats muscle soreness. Blending it with essential oils can stimulate a pampering appeal and calming benefits.

A pro tip is to mix up a calming beverage while in a soak. Unwind with herbal tea or even a glass of fizz or wine! Sit in and soak for as long as you need without your phone, do mindful breathing, and then relax and release. Pausing mobile phone screen time can switch off the brain from last-minute thoughts and work worries. Meditation apps can also do the trick. These applications encourage simple breathing routines that calm you down. This breathing technique is carried out by breathing in for four seconds, holding for four seconds, breathing out for four seconds, and holding the breath out for four seconds. Lastly, repeat the process four times.

The ultimate spa self-treatments

A DIY at-home facial is the star of your spa session. Start with cleansing the face. A balmy cleanser will instantly melt away all your impurities. It gets rid of grime, oil and dirt that have accumulated throughout the day. It also exfoliates the face resulting in a clean canvass ready for the spa-like centrepiece – facial masking.

A good and quality facial mask hydrates, exfoliates, oxygenates and decongests the face. Facial masks, whether cream, gel or sheet mask form, can exude a healthy radiance from stressed-out skin. Key ingredients to look for are plant oils, hyaluronic acids and shea butter.

Facial tools and gadgets can stimulate lifting and thorough kneading of the facial skin. These tools can promote collagen production, resulting in excellent solutions to your specific skin problems. A good old-fashioned jade roller can do the trick, but an LED-powered face device can be a good investment too.

In the absence of facial tools, facial exercises can lift, tighten and tone the face. These techniques stimulate over 40 facial muscles. Prominent facial exercises are Chin press up, the Fish pose and the Eeeek.

A remarkable ending to any facial treatment is moisturising. A soft, supple and hydrated skin is the epitome of relaxation in both mind and body. Notable ingredients to look for in your moisturisers are magnesium, oils and plant butter laced with essential oils.

Hair treatments complete the trifecta of spa sessions. A deep-conditioning hair mask can revitalise dull hair texture. Slather the hair treatment while facial masking and body-soaking for a full-body glow. Hair treatments are usually composed of plant oils such as argan oils. The application involves detangling through massaging the roots thoroughly.

Hair treatments should be done once a week for full results and benefits.

Nothing encourages stressful situations than a messy and overcrowded space. To reap the benefits of a complete spa-like experience in your bathroom, create a calm, stimulating environment first through decluttering and tidying up. Put away stress-inducing items and devices that remind you of work, worries and problems. Set the mood through candles, lighting and music, prepare your soak and bath and get ready for your DIY home spa treatments. Check out http://www.jtspas.co.uk/ for unique bathroom furniture, fixture and accessory ideas that can mentally transport you to your local spa.

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